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How to buy cheap CSGO skins


So you decided to buy some CS GO skins to start betting or just to get a nice inventory but you don’t know where to start? No problem, this guide will help you.

There are several options out there to buy cheap CSGO skins but the one that we love the most it’s definitely BitSkins.

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  • January 31, 2019

WHAT IS BITSKINS & HOW DO I USE IT? is a community marketplace that allows people to buy and sell skins.


BitSkins started in 2015 and it gained so much popularity because they became one the cheapest place to buy and sell. They charge only 5% for each sale.


You can find so many great deals here. The discount can go up to 66%! That’s a really good price! Even on knifes, there are some with 40% discount!

Why would you miss that? There’s no better deal right now for cheap CSGO skins!


Yes, BitSkins is pretty well known on the CS GO community for their amazing cheap prices. They have a lot of partnerships including and Hatton Games. A lot of people are questioning BitSkins’ legitimacy and we can understand why. They are the best CSGO skin gambling site, with the best rates

There are a lot of people buying and selling there at the moment and there are no problems at all. Even if there’s any problem, the support and the admins are very helpful and they will solve any question or issue you might have.

To make your account on BitSkins more safe you should activate the 2 factor code on your BitSkins settings. You just need to download Google Authenticator to your mobile phone and you when you need to do something on the website you will need to confirm your actions by inserting the code displayed on your phone.

Opening skins on the Steam Marketplace is a good way of getting skins upgrades winning new items. However, opening cases on sites is a much more cost efficient way of getting the skins you want. You can then use those skins on gambling CSGO sites to win real money. We’ve listed the best sites to bet skins and win items below:

[casino-table sites=’137259, 137216, 137249, ‘ ]


Like any other CS GO website they need to be connected to your steam account to trade if you are buying or selling skins.

  • Search or browse for the items you are looking for

If you are looking for a specific skin just click “Browse” on the top menu and then click on “Looking for something?”. Now you can search by name, rarity, type of weapon, collection, wear, minimum and maximum price, Stattrack or not, and sort for price, float or date added.

If you are not sure what to buy press the “Deals” button on the top menu and you can pick the range you are willing to spend like 1$ to 5$ or 25$ to 50$ for instance.

The skins will be listed with plenty of info. You can quickly check the price, float, wear, discount amount, and you can even inspect the item in-game before you purchase it.

  • When you find the skin press “Add to Cart”

You will find a big green button on each listed skin. Just pick as many as you want and they will be added to your cart.

  • Add funds to your account

After you are done with your shopping just go to “Cart” button on your top left. You will see the skins that you added to your cart and a popup telling you that you need to add funds.

Press the button to add funds and you will be redirected to your balance page.  You have several options to deposit:

  • PayPal

PayPal is fast and easy to use but you will need to have a verified PayPal account. You will be redirected to PayPal so you can allow BitSkins to receive payments from you. After that you need to deposit at least 5$ to continue with your purchase.

  • Credit/Debit Card

You can use your credit or debit card but you will have to prove your ownership when you add the card to BitSkins. This is to avoid stolen cards use. The ownership proof is easy to do anyway. So after you do it you are ready to go.

  • G2A Pay

You can use the payment gateway of and you will have plenty of option to use it like Paypal, Skrill, PaySafeCard, Credit/Debit Card and many more. However G2A Pay might charge you fees so check it when you are purchasing if you will be charged fees or not.

  • BitCoin

If you use BitCoin you know how to use it. Deposit with BitCoin on BitSkins usually takes 30 seconds but it might take up to 30 minutes. So if you don’t see your deposit right away don’t panic.

  • With your Skins

If you don’t have any of the payments above, you can sell your skins on BitSkins and you will have some funds to start your purchases.

  • You can also sell your skins

To sell your skins is so easy! Just go to the “Sales” button on top menu and then press “Sell Items”.

Your CS GO inventory will load on the website and you can see useful data like the average time to sell that skin and the average price that it’s been sold for.

Just select how much you want to charge for your skin and press “Add to List”. You will have a pop window floating on the bottom screen. Select “List items for sale now” and their bot will send you a trade offer to your steam account. Accept it and your skin will be listed instantly.

You can check your listed skins on “Sales” » “My Sales”. On this page you will get a link that allows you to share your items for sale with anyone.

BitSkins charges 5% per sale and the payouts are being made on a daily basis.

So as you can see it’s pretty easy to buy cheap csgo skins on Bitskins. If you are gonna use those skins for gambling check out where you can bet on my CS GO betting sites list.

If you have any question just leave your comment below and i will gladly help you.

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