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How to Cash Out CSGO Skins


CSGO skins are a very nice way to gain some money online and you can cash out CSGO skins if you are tired of the game, if you need some quick money or if you are a high bettor.

Cashing Out CSGO skins might sound scary in first place but it’s very easy after you learn the few steps to take.

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  • January 31, 2019


So before you start of course you need CSGO skins to sell and you need a PayPal account to receive your money. There are more e-wallet besides PayPal but i will refer just to this one because it’s the most used worldwide.


  • Go to
  • Enter your personal data like Name, Address, etc. The data needs to be accurate because later PayPal will ask you to verify your account so you will need to provide ID, proof of address, and your bank account.
  • Once you get everything set up and verified you can start using PayPal to receive your payments.


Well selling skins is easy as you have two really trustful websites to cash out. You just need to sign up on the website, put up your skins for sale and ask to get paid on your PayPal.

First i want to point the differences between the two major websites for this kind of service:

BitSkins is not the most used website to Cash out but it has some advantages over the first one like:

  1. Daily Payments over PayPal and Bitcoin
  2. Only 5% fee over each sale

OPSkins was the first well known website to offer a cash out service. They have plenty of sellers and buyers however they offer no advantages besides more activity on the market. Let’s compare with the two BitSkins advantages:

  1. It takes several days for payments to be made to the sellers
  2. They charge 10% over each sale (5% if you pay for monthly premium)

So as you can see BitSkins can give you more profit and faster payments and i will refer to Bitskins on the continuation of this guide but depending on the CSGO skins that you are selling feel free to check both and decide which one can bring you more profit on a specific sale.


BitSkins is a open marketplace for CSGO sellers so keep in mind that you will be selling among with other people. This means that you will be competing for buyers against other if someone is selling same skins as you.

So to start cashing out your CSGO skins click on menu “Sales” and choose one of the options, 1 by 1, Multiple or Quick List. Bitskins will load your CSGO inventory so you can choose the items to sell.

After choosing the items Bitskins bot will send you an offer, accept it after and that’s it your items are listed for sale. Bitskins is not buying your skins, they just list them so other users can buy them.


It  all depends first on the skin you’re selling and if you’re in a rush or not.

Normally the price is based on rarity, pattern, float of the Skin and stickers.


Well this rule applies for most of markets if you’re selling cars,  coins or even stamps. The less common skins tend to be worth more because it’s how markets work. If a skin is very common and you find them a lot on others people inventory then it’s not that rare and not that valuable.


Patterns may differ on skins and some of them may be rare especially on knifes. I will write a guide later on this but for now you have to do your own research. Try googling the name of your knife plus “pattern rarity”. It may help you do identify if the pattern may add some value or not.


A float of a skin is a value between 0 and 1 based on skin condition. The lower the value the best the condition of your skin is. So if your float is extremely low it can add value to your weapon or even if it’s extremely high.


Once a sticker is applied to a gun it loses most of its value so don’t expect to get full value of a sticker in a gun. I would say that cheap stickers (below 5$) won’t add any value to your skin but with more expensive stickers it can help you get you more value if the right buyer/collector stumbles upon your skin when buying. I heard that a general rule of thumb is to count expensive stickers value as 10% to add to the final price of the skin but once again it also depends on the view of the buyer if it’s worth or not.

Anyway if your skin doesn’t have a rare pattern or a rare sticker its price belongs among the average selling price. Just check on Bitskins or OPSkins and search same skins as the one you want to sell. Just search for name of your skin, condition, pick if it’s stattrack or not and check other sellers offers.

If you are in a rush you should pick the lowest price so that your weapon will be the first one to be sold. If you have time just pick an average price or higher and lower it from time to time if you aren’t able to find any interest buyers.


To ask for a payment you simply click on your balance on top page. You will be redirected to the deposit/withdraw page. Then choose the amount you want to withdraw and the method. You can withdraw to PayPal, Bitcoin and payments are made daily.  You can also withdraw to your bank but it takes longer and they charge 35$ fee.

The minimum withdraw amount is 50$ so if you have less you can only use that balance to buy skins on their store or you sell more skins and reach that 50$ balance so you can withdraw.

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