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How to Change Mic Input CSGO

How to Change Mic Input CSGO

You tried changing your mic input in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and you were left hanging, right? Now you want to learn how to change mic input in CSGO hence why you found this article. This piece will provide the necessary information in order to help you change & optimize your voice input device. Let’s get started.

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  • September 1, 2023
How to Change Mic Input CSGO


No, it is not possible to change the mic input in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. In-game settings do not allow that. There are two options and workarounds regarding the mic problem.

The first option is to select the microphone in the Steam settings window. Changing the mic input device in the Windows settings is also possible. We’ll teach you how down below.

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Changing microphone input settings in Steam is a piece of cake. In order to make it work, first you need to open Steam application. Then, navigate to the Settings window and find the voice tab.

Click on that and a new window will appear. “Voice Input Device” is a tab you are looking for. If you never used it before, the default device will be selected.

changing mic input settings with Steam

In the drop-down menu, you will find available input devices. Select the one you prefer and you are done. Also, make sure that you do a microphone test in order to ensure that everything is working properly now. Bear in mind that the output device can also be changed here.

There are also various other microphone options available such as input and output volume, and voice transmission type(open microphone, push to talk, etc.).

You can use advanced settings for echo and noise cancellation in order to make voice chat even more optimized.


If you have multiple microphones connected, Windows will not know which one to select as a default device and this could lead to problems.

Here is how to deal with that. Click on the Windows logo key and navigate to sound options. Alternatively, you can also access the Windows audio device option by opening the control panel and navigating to the “Hardware and Sound” tab.

changing default mic device in windows

Once opened, find a recording tab. There, you will see a default microphone that has been selected. In order to change that, ensure that the microphone you want to use is connected properly to the PC.

If the icon appears in the recording tab, right-click on it and select both options, “set as a default device”, and “set as a default communication device”.

You should be aware that Steam uses an operating system audio input device. This means that whatever is selected in the Windows audio service is going to be a default option in Steam settings as well.

In the audio settings tab, there are several settings to make sound quality even better. Keep in mind that the Windows audio service will not allow you to enable voice, and create hotkeys for push to talk.

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There are plenty of reasons why your microphone is suddenly not working. At times, microphone problems are easily detected and fixed, while in some instances this is not the case. Here, you will find the answers to the most common microphone and game settings problems.

Before we start, make sure that you tried some of these fixes:

  1. Verify CSGO Files – Open Steam and right-click on CS:GO icon. Navigate to “Properties” and find the “Installed Files” tab. Press the “verify integrity of game files” and let Steam inspect the game’s files. If there are any corrupt files, Steam will automatically fix them.
  2. Check For Audio Device & Windows Update – make sure that both Windows and recording devices are running on the latest drivers.
  3. Enable Microphone Access – at times, Windows can automatically disable this option. Navigate to “Microphone Privacy Settings” and enable the “Let Apps Access Your Microphone” tab.


Windows audio service manages default audio settings that are installed on your computer. Sometimes, a conflict can appear between local files and the Steam client. This can lead to your microphone not working.

Luckily, the fix is easy. All you need to do to solve this is to restart the audio service so things can start working properly.

In the Windows search, type in the “Services”. Locate the Windows Audio service, right-click on it, and press restart.

A separate tab should appear with the message that Windows is trying to restart the service. Once finished, start CSGO and test the microphone again.


Plenty of CSGO gamers make the same mistake. When they press the start microphone test button and they see that the microphone is not working properly, they quit the game immediately in order to find a solution.

Before you do that, make sure that everything in the game is configured correctly. Here are the vital things that need to be selected and enabled. First, open the developer console and type in the following text “voice_enable 1”. This will make sure that you can actually use the mic in the game.

configure csgo settings properly

As for the other relevant options, double-check that your preferred device is enabled.


As simple as that. Most problems related to mic settings can be resolved by simply restarting Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is important to restart the game properly. If you do not do that, you can encounter the same problem.

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If you want to configure the mic properly so that your teammates can enjoy the game and hear you without any problems, then do not miss out on this section. We will touch base on both audio output settings and microphone settings.

The most common way of playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive is to use headphones. This is why in the in-game settings, the “stereo headphones” option should be selected in the audio output configuration.

Make sure that you have selected the proper audio device from the drop-down menu. Advanced 3D Audio Processing should always be marked as enabled. This will make it easier for you to pinpoint where exactly did the sound come from.

cs pro playing with mic

Do not forget to enable voice chat. Otherwise, you will not be able to communicate with your teammates during the match.

The communication method that works the best is the “press to use mic” option. This will allow you to set up a hotkey that will toggle the microphone.

Another important microphone configuration revolves around the VOIP volume. Play around with this option and configure sound settings so that you can hear in-game effects like steps, shots, and your teammates properly.

PRO TIP: if you are playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive with friends, you can lower their microphone input by right-clicking their in-game nickname and pulling down on the audio icon.


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