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How to derank in CSGO?


One of the main objective of the majority of csgo players is to have fun while playing. This means that most of the time you would want to play with friends or people you already know that you can rely on to give you some laugh while doing their job in the game. The dream case scenario for every player would be to always have a full lobby of friends with the same rank as you. That way you could always play against opponents that are on the same level as you.

However most of the times your friends will have very different ranks from you. This can be a very big problem to the players who have the worst ranks. It’s probably fine for them to get carried one or two games and possibly ranking up, but in the long run this will be very boring since they can’t have good performances against better ranks and then they will have a rank in which they won’t have the necessary skill to be able to play solo.

How can you solve this?

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  • August 11, 2018


You have probably noticed by now that a good amount of people have multiple csgo accounts. This can be for a lot of purposes like trading, but the majority of times it’s for “smurfing”. Smurfing is what is called to play in a rank lower than your “real” rank. Imagine that you are Legendary Eagle on your main account. You can have a secondary account with a silver or gold rank to play too. This will enable you to have a great advantage over your opponents, but it will probably be boring for you to smurf in solo mode since you will probably have a very easy game and be accused of cheating by your opponents.

However this can be very handy if you have a lot of friends in the silver/gold rankings. They will be able to play against people of the same rank as their own, while you can have fun playing with your friends.

Playing in lower rankings is also useful for you if you want to try new positions, weapons, maps or tactics without risking your rank in your main account.


Basically, deranking won’t give you any disadvantages directly. However it would really affect the moral of the people who are playing on your team when you are trying to derank. Having a player on our team who isn’t giving their best to win a game is probably the worst thing you can find in a game. This can also lead you to don’t feel any drive to play after that game either.

It’s also not very funny for your opponents to be playing against you if you have a much better rank in your main account. However if you are playing with your friends and having fun you will probably be playing in a loose mindset and you won’t be playing your A game, so that will soften things up a little bit.

Remember that if you smurf a lot of the time instead of playing in your “real” rank you won’t get as good as if you play against better competition. You can think that you are a great player for killing a lot of people and top-frag in all the matches, but it’s actually more rewarding for you to play a close game where you are fully focused and committed to it.


By now you probably know that in order for you to derank you have to lose a lot of games in a row. You already have probably deranked without wanting that, because if you play enough games you will probably face times where you will get paired with the worst players, or in a team without communication and that’s hard to turn around.

So, if your objective is to derank you will have to find a way in that what you are doing won’t harm other players. This can be achieved by many different ways. The best one would be to find 4 more players who want to derank, so in that way the enemy team would have a win for free, which they will probably be grateful for. On the other side you and your teammates would lose elo points and eventually derank after some games.


Having multiple friends that want to derank is the best scenario. You won’t harm anyone in this process and you will accomplish your goal. However it will be difficult for you to have a lot of friends who want to do it, since most of the time you will be deranking because your rank is too high compared to theirs. Even if you have friends that want to do it you will have some difficulty to play a lot of games in a row with a full lobby, since every player has their own time restrictions and other things to do it besides playing.

If this is the case you can search on facebook and steam csgo groups for people that want to derank. Add all the people you can find and then just make a lobby and invite them. Remember that because you are trying to derank you don’t need to have a good ping, so you can add people from literally all around the globe.


If you don’t have enough friends that want to derank you can try to use some derank platforms to join derank lobbies that already exist, or just create one of your own. “” for example is one of the most easy to use for this goal. You can access it here:

You just have to enter the site and login with your steam account. Then you just have to join in one of the already existing lobbies and your CSGO will open and you will be in the lobby. Remember that the lobby can be already full, so just join another one if this occurs.

As you can see by the picture above there will be some rank restrictions in some of the lobbies and people will kick you from their lobby if you don’t meet these restrictions. In some of those lobbies you will also have to win at least 3 rounds, in order for you to not get reported from the enemy team, thinking that you are doing it on purpose. Remember that 99% of the time the other team won’t mind running against a lobby like this, because people want to rank up and that is a free win. However some people will report you for doing that, but as long as you don’t get reported by a lot of people you should be fine.

If you are finding troubling to get into a lobby you can always just create a lobby of your own and post the link on the site. This will probably get you faster results.

After you lose the game you can always see if your teammates want to play another one and repeat the process until you reach the rank that you want.


In any competitive match that you will play you can get kicked out for inactivity if you don’t move for a while. So, if you want to derank fast while doing other things at the same time you can use some commands that will make your model move automatically.

Use +forward; + back to achieve this and use snd_mute_losefocus “0” if you want to still hear the game sound even if you have your game tabbed out. That way you will hear when a match is over and you can start a new one right away.


Basically if you follow this guide you will be fine and nothing will happen to you. However if you try to derank without being in a full lobby mode you will run into very furious teammates that will surely report you for griefing, and that could lead to a temporary Vac Ban of almost a month, which is not desirable at all. So always remember to be in a full lobby while doing this. It will be better for you and for the community.


Only derank if your objective is to have fun by playing with your friends on their ranks. Remember that it won’t be fun for you or for your enemies if you just go solo into a random match and make 50 frags and decide the game by your own. In paper that could seem fun, but it really isn’t if you try to do it several times in a row. If you want to kill a lot of enemies you might as well go play deathmatch, and you won’t be harming anyone.

Also, playing solo matches in a lower rank can make your enemies lose motivation and a lot of people quit playing csgo because of stuff like these. The objective is to help the csgo community grow, not shrink it. This same principle applies if you try to derank alone. Don’t do this by any means, because you will frustrate your team and you will get reported and possibly banned if you do it often.

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