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How to Level Up on Steam


Levelling up whilst playing video games can be one of the most motivating forms of gamification. Steam has more than 30,000 titles on the platform, excluding DLC’s, many of which have the RPG fundamental feature of levelling up. Levelling or ‘grinding’ as it’s often referred to, is something you can do on the Steam platform – begging the question: how can I level up on Steam?

There are lots of benefits to levelling up your Steam account and today we’ll be going into how to level up on Steam and the top reasons why you would want to level your Steam account. Click here to find the Steam user leaderboard where they list the highest Steam level accounts.

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  • October 21, 2021


One of the fastest ways to level up on Steam to begin with is by buying games. This is also the most expensive way, so you might want to wait for one of Steams famed sales before you start splashing out on brand new titles to level up on Steam.

Because of how big Steam’s game library is, there are year round sales and discounts across numerous titles. Steam users should take advantage of this whenever there are titles on sale they like the look of.


If you start playing the games you buy and collect the trading cards, these can then be crafted and turned into badges. Crafting badges awards XP and contributes towards Steam levels, although it’s worth mentioning that you can only get 50% of a games’ trading cards and the remaining half you’ll need to trade or buy on Steam marketplace.

Each time you craft a badge from a game you own, you have a random chance to receive booster packs. These packs contain three random cards and every milestone of 10 levels gives you an extra 20% chance of finding them, added to their drop rate.

how to level up on steam: craft badges

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to own the game on Steam to craft game collector badges. This means you don’t actually have to spend money on Steam sales or on full price titles you advance to the next level.


Sites like Steam Tools are dedicated to showing you everything Steam badges related and they even list the prices so you can make an educated decision in which badges to craft next. They also hide badges you’ve already crafted, to give you an accurate, uncluttered view of where to go next.


If you’re wondering how to level up on Steam, it’s important you understand how the XP rates work throughout the levelling process.

For the first 10 levels, Valve have made it easy for you by allowing you to cruise through them, requiring only 100 XP for each level. Once you hit level 10, this is where things change slightly and the amount of XP required to progress through each level doubles to 200 XP, until you hit level 20.


Craft badges in a Steam sale to gain XP

The next step on your agenda should be to wait for a big steam summer, autumn, spring or winter sale. Crafting badges during these sales gives you bonus Steam event cards, which can then be turned into the event-only bages. The event-only badges can then the be levelled up throughout the entirity of the sale, catapulting you through Steam levels. Steam sales are always worth taking advantage of because you can infinitely upgrade these badges.


One of the badges on Steam known as the ‘Pillar of the Community’ badge can be completed by completing specific tasks on your Steam profile. Completing the tasks are free and require you to ‘comment on a friend’s profile’ or ‘review a game’. For a brand-new Steam account, you can easily get to level 5 by completing the relatively short checklist.

Buying games can be a good way to level up on Steam, to begin with.  As you level up the XP reward is reduced for each game, but you can obtain the first few levels just by buying games. Avid collectors can also work towards their game collector badge, which is dished out depending on how many games you have in your library. There are a total of 33 game collector badges, with the first one being awarded when you purchase your first game and the final badge coming from your 25,000th game.

You can earn passive XP just by owning a Steam account. Each year Steam awards a ‘year of service’ badge. Every 365 days you receive a badge worth 50XP, which isn’t a lot in the long run but if you plan to level up on Steam by spending as little as possible, you’ll need to make every badge count.


One of the best rewards you receive for levelling is extra spaces for friends. This comes in handy, especially if you’re popular, as by default each user gets 250 friend slots. These increase by 5 slots every time you level up and you can also add 50 slots by linking your Facebook account to your Steam.

If you feel like stepping away from your games for a bit, badge crafting can be quite a soothing process which gives your Steam account some neat perks along the way.

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