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How to Open CSGO Console

How to Open CSGO Console

Every Counter-Strike Global Offensive player who is serious about the game knows how to open the CSGO console and why the console is such a powerful tool. In this piece, you will learn to open the CSGO console, why are Counter-Strike console commands so important, and how to use the developer console to your advantage.

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  • September 29, 2023
How to Open CSGO Console

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open CSGO Console in the Game Settings

When you install Counter-Strike Global Offensive, by default, the developer console will be turned off. Here are the necessary steps you need to take in order to enable console and open it:

  1. Start CS:GO and click on the gear(settings menu) icon.
  2. Navigate to the “Game” tab that is located in the top left corner.
  3. Click on the “Enable Developer Console” dropdown options and press “YES”.
  4. Exit the settings menu and press the assigned key(by default, developer console key bind is ~, also known as tilde key)
  5. By pressing the assigned key, you will toggle the console. This means that you can implement settings and commands of your choice.

Enable Developer Console By Using Launch Options

Did you know that you can enable developer console by using Counter-Strike Global Offensive launch options? Here is how to do that.

  1. Open Steam, navigate to the library, and right-click on the CS:GO.
  2. Head over to the “Properties” tab and find the “Launch Options” menu.
  3. In the text box, copy the following settings: “-console -developer”
  4. Once you paste the options, exit the settings menu and launch CS:GO.
enable CS:GO console launch option commands

How to Use Console Commands

Now that the CSGO console is enabled, it is time to add your first console command. This will make your overall game experience much better. Here are some basics you should know regarding the usage of console commands.

When you toggle console, on the bottom, you will have a text box where a thousand commands can be entered. Once the command is typed, you can either press Enter or click the “Submit” button located in the bottom right corner to put the command in use.

What Can Counter-Strike Global Offensive Console be Used For?

Command console can be used in various ways. Counter-Strike players often use it to create settings for a private game where they can reduce the freeze time between rounds, add or remove bots, assign armor and different weapons to players, and various other settings that can’t be changed by using default settings.

CS console commands for crosshair customization are also very popular in the community. We all know that game settings only allow players to choose from pre-determined crosshair styles. Keep in mind that some players tend to use custom crosshair maps to fully edit their sights.

When you open the console, you can also make changes that will increase your overall match experience. For example, radar can be customized in order to see what is happening across the map at all times. This is impossible to do in the main menu or without using CSGO console commands.

The command console is also used when you want to override game settings by executing your own CSGO configuration.

Another very popular way for players to use the console in CS:GO is based around FPS and the ability to show it. It is also worth nothing that you can kick yourself in CS:GO by using a particular command string.

Even though Steam allows system performance to be shown in the game, you can also enable the developer console and find out more information along the way such as packet loss, velocity, FPS, and more.

Changing CSGO Console Command Key

Are you tired of cases where you accidentally open the console mid-game? To avoid this while playing the game, you can change the command console default key. Firstly, make sure that the option “Enable Developer Console” is marked as “YES”.

changing console command key

In the main menu, head over to settings and find the “Keyboard / Mouse” tab that is usually located towards the top right corner of the game. Head over to the UI keys tab. Scroll down and find the “Toggle Console” option.

Choose a key that will open the game console. For example, players still want to easily open console, but they stay away from the main movement buttons so they do not mess anything up while in-game.

If numpad is available on your keyboard, using symbols from that part of the keyboard will do the trick.

Is it Possible to Use Developer Console in Counter-Strike 2?

Even though the display is not the same, CS2 also allows players to use the command console to make in-game changes. It is worth noting that the new developer console is much more responsive in the new edition of CS.

In order to open the console in CS2, you will have to activate it once again. It is disabled by default when you download and start the game. The process is still the same as with the older version of the game.

Most Common Reason Why You Can’t Open Console & How to Fix it

There is only one valid reason why the console in CS:GO is not working for you. We already mentioned that the default bind that will enable CS:GO console is the Tilda symbol(~).

If the operating system is in any other language other than English, then the keyboard options will be different as well. In order to fix this, make sure that the operating system language is changed back to English and you will be good to go.

CS:GO console find command containts a full list of available commands

If you are still unable to open the console, it is time to check the key binds and find out whether something changed.

Here is a helpful advice. Use a universal key bind such as the + or – symbol. This will work in any language.

PRO TIP: When using the console in CS:GO, use the “find” command. This will help you find the exact command you are looking for. Here is a video that contains additional useful console commands.

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