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How To Rank Up Fast In CS2? A Complete Guide


CS2 has led to the competitive scene completely shaking up. With graphical updates, changes to movement, the introduction to higher tick rates, and utility being taken to the absolute next level – ranking up fast in CS2 has turned out to be quite different than the ye ole’ methods of CS:GO.

In this article, we’re going to go over exactly how you can rank up in CS2, alongside what tips and tricks we ended up utilizing to land on ranks that were higher than the ones we had in CS:GO.

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  • May 30, 2023


Perhaps the biggest mistake we’ve seen veteran and rookie CS:GO players make is them using the exact same lineups for maps they had in CS:GO, for CS2. While this may work in some instances (since the maps are ultimately the same), utility, particularly smokes, has changed by an astronomical amount.

Here are some changes smokes have had in CS2 compared to CS:GO:

  • Smokes now fill up with other smokes. So, you’ll have to make a decision between either stacking smokes, or using multiple ones concurrently in one spot.
  • Smokes can now be pushed away thanks to other grenades and bullets, creating peepholes.
  • Smokes now react to the lighting differences in maps. So, smokes actually have darker and lighter shades in them.
  • Explosions, flashes, and smokes have been overhauled from the ground up to be more visually friendly.

Now, let’s say you do a typical Xbox Smoke on Dust 2. In most cases, you’ll end up with limiting mid’s mobility by a fair margin, great lineup, right? Well, in CS2, this grenade can easily be deterred by either shooting through it, creating holes for the enemy team to peak through.

Or, even worse, if the enemy team is smart enough to anticipate your movements, they can just counter-frag your smoke, which might not directly damage you but will leave you naked without cover.


Your calibration matches have the highest amount of impact on your Elo as compared to any other match. When you port over to CS2, you’ll be met with a few calibration matches, even if your rank has already been declared, where your performance will be assessed to its limits.

So, performing in these matches can lead to substantial increases in your rank. We recommend playing at times when you have a friend or two with you, so you can communicate with your team much better. Plus, try not to keep queuing matches where you aren’t sure if you are playing at your peak performance. 

Unlike typical ranked games, where losing leads to you losing a bit of Elo, calibration matches tend to really push your rank down hard. And on the other hand, winning a few matches in a row keeps pushing your Elo up until you end up incurring a loss. So, if you go on a nice win streak, you’ll end up ranking very fast in CS2.


There are some CS2 matches that just won’t ever be won. The enemy is just playing much better than you on every level, and you are being outclassed. In those cases, it is fine for you to accept your loss and queue for the next match and perhaps focus on leveling up your Steam, instead.

However, there are a lot of times when just a little bit of communication, a slight nudge, and better callouts, can lead to your team scoring the win. While it may feel tedious and tiring, turning into the team captain can turn out to be quite helpful for your Elo.

By using voice communications, you can easily provide callouts to your team and have them do the same too. With the slightest of comms, you’ll have a much better idea of what’s happening around the map, allowing you to make faster rotations and defend sites quickly.


At the end of the day, CS2 is a game about strategy and aim. You can’t really expect to rank up without one or the other. However, having great aim leads you to compensate for bad strategy a lot of times. There’s not much someone can do if you are hitting nasty flicks every other shot, now can they?

The best place to practice your aim to rank up fast in CS2 is AimLab. It is a free game on Steam that allows you to use your CS2 settings and even practice on CS2-inspired maps. The best scenarios for ranking up fast in CS2 are:

  • Tracking
  • Circletrack Precision
  • Flicking
  • Sixshot Ultimate

Even if you feel like your aim is up to par, we still recommend warming up a bit before getting into the groove of things; it’ll help ensure that your aim is as precise as can be and you’ve already adjusted your sensitivity settings to your liking.


While CS2 is an absolutely gorgeous game, lowering your graphics settings will reduce a lot of the visual clutter you see on your screen. Therefore, we suggest changing all your settings to Low. While the game may not look as gorgeous, you won’t see bullet tracers and other random effects hindering your ability to track targets accurately.

Besides just visuals, CS2 has slightly different movement. Because of this, the game may feel a bit fast for starters. This can turn out to be quite infuriating if you are used to CS:GO’s more slow-paced format.

A quick fix to this is to reduce your eDPI; this will help you track more accurately and hold angles better. But a significant downside will be the fact that your flicks may feel a lot harder to pull. 

So, you’ll have to strike a balance. We’d recommend reducing your CS:GO sensitivity by 10% right off the bat. It isn’t that significant, but it’ll help you feel like your aim is a lot more grounded in the newer title.


This concludes our guide on how to rank up in CS2. Since the game is currently infiltrated with newer players, you’ll have a better time placing higher. But, ultimately, it is your skill that’s the ultimate decider of how quickly you can rank up in CS2. 

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