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How to surf in CSGO

How to surf in CSGO

CS:GO introduced several exciting community-created activities and game modes. These features provide enhanced experiences from the traditional first-person shooting gameplay. It gets more interesting when players can create a CS:GO activity server themselves.

The community-created activities include Kreedz Climbing (KZ), Jailbreak, Zombie Escape, Surfing, and many other mini-games. These activities provide a diverse range of gameplay options within the CS:GO community.

In this article, we will emphasize the surfing technique and guide you on how you can master this activity in CS:GO. So, let’s start from the basics of “How to Surf in CS:GO?

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  • June 1, 2023
How to surf in CSGO


Surfing is one of the most practiced activities in CS:GO. It allows players to surf down ramps, slopes, and across surfaces using movement keys. To surf, players must hold down the assigned keys (Usually A and D) to strafe in the direction they need to go and use the mouse for navigation. Surfing helps reach the end of the map as quickly as possible.

Speed, balance, and control are essential for surfing, especially on challenging maps featuring sharp turns. So, surfing is a great way to improve your movement skills in CS:GO. It is not an official game mode. Still, it has gained popularity for its unparallel advantages.

Unlike traditional gameplay modes, surfing focuses more on movement and skill than combat and objectives. The challenge of surfing lies in finding the right balance between speed, control, and maintaining momentum to navigate the map successfully.

How You Can Surf in CS:GO?

Here we have gathered the step-by-step guideline on the requirements and techniques for surfing in CS:GO.

  • Find and join a surf server: 

You can find surf servers by searching for “surf” in the Community Server Browser.

  • Jump onto the ramp:

To surf, you need to jump onto the ramp and then strafe in the direction you need to go.

  • Strafe away from the ramp:

Once you are on the ramp, you need to strafe away from the ramp to gain speed.

  • Make sharp turns:

You can use your mouse to make sharp turns perfectly as you gain speed.

  • Avoid obstacles:

Challenging surf maps have obstacles to hinder surfing movement. You must avoid those in-game obstacles.

  • Reach the end of the map:

The prime goal of surfing is to reach the end of the map as fastest possible. So keep your speed high, dodge obstacles, and take sharp turns tactically to reach your goal.

Also, you need to understand the surfing techniques so you can reach your destination seamlessly and enjoy your victory.

Understanding Surfing Mechanics:

Surfing in CS:GO follows the basic rule of physics (gravitation), which allows you to slide along sloping surfaces. You must grasp these three surfing mechanisms to surf across the maps like a pro.

  1. a) Acceleration: You gain speed as you move down a ramp or slope due to the law of gravity. The steeper the incline, the faster you will go.
  1. b) Air Strafing: Air strafing is a crucial skill in surfing. You can steer and change directions by utilizing your mid-air movement keys (A and D) while maintaining your speed.
  1. c) Angle Control: The angle you approach a ramp affects your speed and trajectory. Experiment with every angle to find the sweet spot that allows you to maintain control and velocity.

Once you master these mechanisms, you can enjoy surfing, even on challenging maps. These are somewhat like racing games where you drag the vehicles with the help of assigned navigational keys. Also, mouse directional skill for movement is necessary for mission or strategy games.

Top 10 Valuable Tips for Surfing in CS:GO –

  1. Start with easy maps and gradually move up to more challenging maps.
  2. Watch videos of experienced surfers to learn how to control your movement.
  3. Approach the ramp at an angle, and jump just before reaching it for a smooth landing.
  4. Timing jumps and finding the right angles are crucial for surfing in CS:GO.
  5. Master air strafing to make precise turns, adjust your trajectory, and maintain speed.
  6. Find the seamless balance between speed and control for safe surfing.
  7. Avoid going too fast, as it can lead to losing control and crashing into walls.
  8. Gradually raise your speed as you become more experienced.
  9. Explore advanced techniques to enhance your surfing skills
  10. Practice makes perfect! The more you practice surfing, the better you will perform.

The Best Surf Maps in CS:GO –

  • Surf_beginner: This is an excellent map for beginners to learn the basics of surfing.
  • Surf_mesa: This is a more challenging map with a variety of obstacles.
  • Surf_utopia: This is one of the most famous surf maps in CS:GO. It is a challenging map with a lot of variety.

How to Create a Surf Server in CS:GO?

Follow these steps to create a surf server in CS:GO. A custom browser will simply redefine your gameplay experience.

Download and install a server hosting service:

Many different Server Hosting Services, such as GameServers, HostHavoc, and NFOServers, are available. You may choose one server hosting service based on your convenience. Also, check whether the server is reliable and has a good reputation.

Create an account with the server hosting service:

You must register in the server hosting service to access it further. Once you have completed your account creation with personal information and credentials, you must choose a plan and a server location.

Install the CS:GO server files on your server:

The server hosting service will provide instructions on installing the CS:GO server files.

Configure the server settings, such as the map, game mode, and the number of players.

Start and Promote the Server:

Once you have configured the settings of the surf server, you can start using the server. Next, you must promote it so people can find it and join your server. You may use social media and search engines or add it to a server listing website for promotion.

The Bottom Line:

Surfing in CS:GO offers a unique and thrilling experience, allowing players to showcase their movement skills, agility, and creativity. It is an effective way to challenge yourself to check your present performance. It significantly improves your reflexes and adds extra excitement to the game. It has become a popular activity within the CS:GO community, with dedicated surf servers, competitions, and even surf-specific maps created by enthusiasts.

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