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How to ‘Talk’ in CSGO

How to ‘Talk’ in CSGO

If you're a fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), you know that while the game is a first-person shooter, it's more than just about shooting -- it's about strategy, quick thinking, and most importantly, communication. In a game where a single callout can make or break a round, voice chat becomes your most potent weapon. So, let's spend some time talking about how to make the most out of voice chat in CSGO.

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  • October 1, 2023
How to ‘Talk’ in CSGO

Why Voice Chat is So Important in Counter-Strike

how to talk in CSGO

You might be wondering, “Why all the fuss about voice chat?” Well, let me tell you, it’s a game-changer — literally. Voice chat in CSGO isn’t just a nice-to-have feature. It’s a necessity.

Here are a few key reasons why.

Essential for Teamwork

Voice chat is the backbone of team coordination, allowing you to share real-time information with your teammates. You can use it to talk to only your team, so it provides a distraction-free method to communicate effectively. Whether it’s calling out enemy positions, discussing tactics, or just giving a heads-up, voice chat is essential for a solidly performing team.

The Competitive Edge

In the world of CSGO, milliseconds can be the difference between victory and defeat. Voice chat gives you that competitive edge. Voice chat in CSGO is particularly robust and easy to use. It not only does it enhance the game’s team-based nature, but also enables players to engage in complex strategies and inform each other of split-second decisions.

Building Camaraderie

Beyond the game itself, voice chat helps build a sense of community. It’s one thing to win a game, but it’s another to win it while having a blast with your teammates. So, if you’re looking to climb the CSGO ranks or just have a more enjoyable gaming experience, mastering voice chat is a must.

How to Enable Voice Chat in CSGO

If you’re new to CSGO, or just haven’t used voice chat before, here’s how to enable it:

Set a Voice Input Device

First, make sure you have a microphone connected and set as your default input device. You can check this by going to your computer’s audio settings.

Then, you’ll need to start up CSGO. Once you’re at the main menu, you’re just a few clicks away from enabling voice chat.

Go to Option to open the game’s settings menu.

Then navigate to the Audio Settings tab. This will open up a bunch of audio-related settings, including those for voice chat.

Adjust Voice Chat Settings

In the Recording Device drop-down menu, make sure the correct device is selected. This is crucial because if the wrong device is selected, you’ll be talking to yourself, not your team.

Then select the Voice Transmit option. Set this option to Push To Talk. This ensures that your mic only activates to transmit voice when you want it to, preventing any accidental transmissions or flooding the channel with a bunch of background noise.

Not cluttering up the audio is even more important now that Counterstrike 2 is out, with its improvements to environmental effects and immersion.

Set Your Push to Talk Key

Click on the Push To Talk button and press a key on your keyboard. This key will activate your microphone during CSGO gameplay. It will be set to a default key automatically, so if you want to customize which key triggers your microphone device, be sure to take the time to do so.

Make sure to choose a key that’s easily accessible but won’t interfere with your gameplay or any other special key bindings you’ve already selected or customized for the likes of the bunny hopswitching weapon hands, or something similar. Team chat is often used quite a lot, and is crucial in professional games.

By following these steps, you’ll have voice chat up and running. Don’t forget to test your microphone to ensure your teammates can hear you properly as well.

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