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Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to XBOX or PS5?

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to XBOX or PS5?

Console players continually seek intriguing news about new features and updates in the ever-changing gaming handheld console world. The gaming community has recently been buzzing over the likely, next-gen version next-gen console version of Counter-strike 2, one of the most renowned and beloved first-person shooter games, making its way to the XBOX series and PS5, among other platforms. This fascinating idea has spurred debate and conjecture among gamers worldwide.

Let us investigate the buzzes and possibilities of whether Counter-strike global offensive 2 is Coming to XBOX, PS5, or not!

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  • September 22, 2023
Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to XBOX or PS5?


Counter strike 2 xbox

Valve hasn’t said anything about bringing CS2 to either console platform. It is to be anticipated, given that the game for a new release is still in its early public beta stages. However, there are a few reasons why the Source 2 competitive shooter will not be released in console version.

The first is that Valve has seldom been involved in console releases to begin with. The developer has significantly slowed new game projects, and the few titles that have been released tend to be PC-only. This makes sense, given that Steam is Valve’s primary source of revenue.

The second component is the engine itself. Source 2 has never been released on Linux-based handheld consoles or any platform besides the full PC version. It’s challenging to port a PC-centric engine to consoles, especially for a game as difficult as Counter-Strike. While Riot Games’ Valorant appears to be cutting corners to reach handheld console players and other platforms and markets, CS2 shows no evidence of doing so.

Counter-Strike 2 is unlikely to be released on the Xbox Series or the PlayStation 5 for these reasons. There’s always the possibility of a surprise reveal when the game is released this summer but take your time.


counterstrike 2 ps5

Unluckily, as of right now, the answer to this question is no. Valve has confirmed Counter-Strike 2 for PC as an upgrade to Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

While CS: GO was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on the same day as the PC version, it was not released on PS4 or Xbox One, nor on the more modern PS5 or Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Would you like to play Counterstrike 2 ps5 in the near future?


CS2 on steam deck

Counter-Strike 2 will be functional with Steam Deck. The game’s Limited Test build is playable on the smartphone, but Valve has yet to announce if it will be officially supported.

Counter-Strike 2 will eventually replace running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will be available as a free upgrade. CS: GO is currently ‘Playable’ on Steam Deck, so despite no official confirmation from Valve, it’s logical to expect that CS2 will be as well (if not ‘Verified’).

Be ready to witness the largest technical leap forward with the release of CS2!


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