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Is CSGO Dead?

Is CSGO Dead?

The gaming community is no stranger to debates, and one that has surely been simmering for a while is whether Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a "dead game." With the recent announcement of Counter-Strike 2, this question has resurfaced with renewed vigor. So, let's dig in and see if CSGO is really on its last legs or if it's still a leader in the gaming world.

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  • September 25, 2023
Is CSGO Dead?

Why Do People Think CSGO is a Dead Game?

CSGO dead game

Up until recently, people have thought of CSGO as a fairly “dead” game. But this isn’t just some passing opinion made by casual game players. Rather, this is something dedicated Counter Strike: Global Offensive players have been chattering about, too. The reasoning for this narrative is simple. Let’s review some of these reasons now.

A Lack of Updates in Recent Years

The absence of significant updates has been a sore point for the CSGO community. While other games in the competitive scene receive frequent updates, new maps, and seasonal events, CSGO has lagged behind.

This lack of fresh content can make the game feel stale and less dynamic, especially when compared to newer titles that are continually evolving. According to a Veefly Blog article, the CSGO player count took a significant dip in February 2021, and by June, almost 110k players had left the game.

Many top organizations have also either disbanded their CSGO teams or withdrawn from the competitive circuit altogether, further fueling the perception of decline.

Outdated Technology and Graphics

CSGO was released in 2012, and while its gameplay has stood the test of time, its graphics haven’t. Newer games with more advanced graphics engines have entered the market, making CSGO look somewhat dated in comparison. This is particularly noticeable in the game’s textures and lighting. The outdated graphics can be a turn-off for new players who might compare it to more visually appealing games like Valorant.

And to be honest, the game’s features and mechanics are starting to feel outdated compared to its newer competitors — at least until the moment the CS2 announcement dropped.

Toxic Culture and Solo Queuing

One of the issues highlighted on Reddit is the toxic culture within CSGO. Smurfs, cheaters, and griefers are often cited as symptoms of a bad culture that makes the game less than fun and enjoyable.

Another point mentioned on is that solo queuing in CSGO can be a frustrating experience. When you’re matched with random players, there’s a good chance that one of the teammates is either toxic or not cooperative, which can lead to a less enjoyable gaming experience.

Bad Experience with Cheaters

Another reason that has been discussed in the community is the prevalence of cheaters in the game. When a game gains a reputation of having a lot of cheaters frequenting it, this subsequently leads to more people venting on forums and social media.

All of this outpouring of rightful complaining creates a negative perception of the game, especially among new players who might encounter cheaters in their early experiences with CSGO.

Declining Popularity in Specific Regions

According to, the CSGO’s popularity seems to be waning in specific regions like the United States. This could be due to a variety of factors, including the rise of other competitive games that are drawing away the player base.

And sometimes, the perception that a game a declining in popularity can actively drive other players away from playing it as well.

All of this being said, CSGO isn’t actually dead and it has a ton of active players. In fact, it received a huge uptick in player count when the game became free to play on Steam. And the release of CS2 is certain to rejuvenate the number of players willing to give it a try.

What is the CSGO Player Count in 2023?

Contrary to the notion that CSGO is on its last legs, the player count tells a different tale. In June 2023, CSGO had 1.66 million peak concurrent players on Steam, according to Statista. This figure had previously peaked in April 2020 at nearly 1.3 million players, likely boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the game broke its all-time record player count on May 6, 2023, reaching 1,802,853 concurrent players

The game’s player base is still growing, and will likely hit an even bigger surge once CS2 is released. Plus, the return of in-person LAN events is expected to give it a boost, too.

CSGO gameplay

Yes, CSGO remains a titan in the gaming world, especially in the realm of esports. The game’s competitive scene is still very much alive, with tournaments offering hefty prize pools that attract top talent from around the globe.

The CSGO skins market is another testament to its popularity. Players spend real money to buy these virtual items, and some rare skins can sell for thousands of dollars. This creates a secondary economy that not many games can boast of having.

Where is the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Community Thriving?

While CSGO enjoys global popularity, it’s worth noting that its community is especially active in certain regions. Europe, for example, has a very active CSGO community, and the game is also popular in countries like Brazil and Russia.

These regions not only contribute to a high player count but also produce some of the game’s top talents who compete in international tournaments.

There has been a decline in the North American server region, however, indicating that the game’s popularity may be regional. But who knows what the full release of CS2 will bring in terms of player base.

How Will Counterstrike 2 Bring the Game Back to Life?

The gaming community is buzzing with anticipation for Counterstrike 2, and many believe it could be the catalyst that revitalizes the franchise. So, what’s the scoop? How could this sequel breathe new life into the game?

Modernized Graphics and Technology

One of the most anticipated features of Counterstrike 2 is a significant technical overhaul. The new game itself is expected to bring state-of-the-art visuals that can compete with the latest FPS games on the market. This could attract a new generation of players who are used to high-quality graphics and immersive environments.

New Features and Updates

Counterstrike 2 has been announced officially and is available to beta test, bringing in all-new features. This includes things like brand new maps (and significant updates to time-tested favorites like Dust) HUD updates, new unique in-game items, and more. New features means new players are more likely to pick up the game and give it a try.

Professional Esports Involvement

A number of professional esports organizations are expected to be involved in Counterstrike 2. This could mean more significant tournaments, larger prize pools, and a more vibrant competitive scene, which would undoubtedly attract both players and viewers alike.

Keep CSGO Alive with Counterstrike Gambling

Counterstrike gambling adds another layer of engagement to the community. Websites where you can bet on CSGO match outcomes or even on virtual items like CSGO skins have become increasingly popular. This not only provides an additional revenue stream for some players but also increases viewer engagement during esports events.

For instance, you might try your hand at CSGO roulette games at CSGO500. Or, CSGOFast lets you try your hand at case opening and raffles, with a significant signup bonus.

The excitement of having a personal stake in the outcome of a match can make watching these events a thrilling experience. Have fun!

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