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Largest CS:GO Tournaments Ever (Ranked)


You can’t have a popular eSports title without a plethora of tournaments revolving around it, signifying the grandeur of the game. A place where the best CS:GO pro players in the world compete, we’re going to be talking about the largest CS:GO tournaments in the world – and why they’ve remained so special over the years.

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  • May 30, 2023


Potential Winnings: $1,000,000+

Taking inspiration from Dota 2’s Majors, the CS:GO Majors are Valve’s official tournaments and is considered the largest CS:GO tournament throughout the Season. With a prize pool of over $1,000,000, majors consist of 24 teams, with them coming onto the main stage because of their performance or by climbing through the Offline Qualifiers.

The Majors are extremely prestigious, and they usually take place in various locations around the globe, with the majority taking place in Poland and the United States.


Potential Winnings: $1,000,000+

Produced by ESL, the first Pro League took place in 2015. With two seasons occurring every year, the Pro League is one of the most prestigious and largest tournaments out there for CS:GO. With 24 teams competing from all over the world, many put out a lot of their blood, sweat, and tears to have the opportunity to play in the ESL Pro League.

One major difference between Valve-based Majors and an ESL tournament is the fact that Valve gives spots to organizations and their rosters, while ESL generally just gives it to the organization itself – allowing them to transfer it to another team if they wish to do so.


Potential Winnings: $1,000,000+

The BLAST Premier is a relatively new eSports League – kicking off in 2020. The league consists of EU and NA teams, divided into two Spring and Fall Seasons. These teams participate in a Group stage, with the Season finals coming to a close at around the fourth month.

Winners of each Season head on to compete in the Globe Finals, which allows for exciting matches almost all year around. This tournament consists of 12 teams. So, it usually has only the top CS:GO teams from around the world competing for the crown.


Potential Winnings: $1,000,000+

The Intel Extreme Masters, or IEM for short, follow the same structure, branding and organizational efforts as the ESL. They are both considered ESL Tours now and are a part of the ESL Pro Tour Circuit.

Regardless, the tournament does have its own presence and has a slightly different style of hosting and sponsorships compared to the ESL Pro League. However, since they shame the same qualifying metrics, they’re considered quite similar for the most part.


Potential Winnings: $1,000,000

Gamers8 is the first large-scale eSports tournament held in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi eSports Federation. It consists of various tournaments, ranging from Tekken to Fortnite. However, the CS:GO tournament has a prize pool of over $1,000,000, and with teams such as Clou9, Natus Vincere, and FaZe being invited, it’ll be one of the largest CS:GO tournaments in the world.

However, we still aren’t sure whether this tournament will be a one-off or if we can expect more tournaments to be coming up down the line as well.


Potential Winnings: $200,000 – $1,000,000

Flashpoint is a CS:GO organized by Cloud9 and Immortals Gaming Club. The series is expected to house 8 permanent members, and 4 other teams that will be qualifying and eventually competing over $1,000,000.

The tournament series has had a bit of a shaky start due to the pandemic. However, it shows great potential since this is one of the only CS:GO tournaments that happens to be organized by a company that also happens to have a CS:GO team as well. 


Potential Winnings: $250,000

The Roobet is also another relatively new tournament, starting off in 2022 with a prize pool of over $250,000. The tournament consists of 16 invitees, with a four double-elimination format group stage with the top two teams from each group advancing to the playoff in best of 3 single elimination bracket rounds.

The Roobet Cup has a lot going for it, especially in terms of casting talent and it being a primarily EU-based tournament due to the nature of its sponsors. While it hasn’t made a significant impact in the CS:GO scene yet, we can expect it to retain its relevancy as we shift towards CS2 and perhaps turn into a major eSports tournament after that transition eventually happens.


CSGO Dreamhack

Potential Winnings: $100,000+

DreamHack is the largest computer festival. Based in Sweden, the festival hosts a number of gaming competitions, including one specifically for CS:GO. While the prize pools aren’t all that staggering – the tournament still holds prestige as it is one of the oldest ones out there for CS:GO and many other games.

It doesn’t have the best production value or the largest talent. But, it still is a great watch and is cheaper to attend as well compared to most other tournaments. DreamHack events are usually held in the United States usually in Anaheim or Atlanta.


CS:GO has had its fair share of major tournaments throughout the years. While they don’t stand close to tournaments from other Valve-sponsored games like Dota 2’s International, they have led to some extremely iconic moments talked about over the years. 

With CS2 on the horizon, it’s clear that we can expect even larger tournaments to accompany the game as it transcends beyond what CS:GO came out to be, concluding our list of the largest CS:GO tournaments. So, after you’ve read this list, why not rank up fast in CS2, instead?

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