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PUBG Esports Team & Tournaments – Ultimate Guide

PUBG Esports Team & Tournaments – Ultimate Guide

In recent years, the popularity of esports has skyrocketed, and one game that has taken the gaming world by storm is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). PUBG is not just a popular battle royale game; it has also become a thriving esports platform. This article serves as the ultimate guide to PUBG esports teams and tournaments, providing insights into the competitive landscape, notable teams, and major tournaments that define the thrilling world of PUBG esports.

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  • June 14, 2023
PUBG Esports Team & Tournaments – Ultimate Guide

Understanding PUBG Esports

PUBG esports involves professional teams competing in high-stakes tournaments to claim victory and substantial prize pools. The game’s intense battle royale format, combined with strategic gameplay and skilled teamwork, makes it an exciting and captivating esports experience. PUBG Corporation, the developer of PUBG, organizes and supports numerous esports events worldwide, providing a platform for aspiring players and established teams to showcase their talent.


Here are some notable PUBG esports teams:


FaZe Clan is a renowned esports organization with a strong presence in PUBG. They have assembled a talented roster of players who consistently deliver impressive performances in tournaments.


Team Liquid is a highly respected esports team that has excelled in various competitive games, including PUBG. They have a dedicated PUBG team known for their strategic gameplay and exceptional teamwork.


Gen.G Esports is a dominant force in the world of PUBG esports. They boast a roster of skilled players who have showcased their talent and achieved remarkable success in various tournaments.

4. TSM:

Team SoloMid, or TSM, is a prominent esports organization that has made a name for itself in multiple games, including PUBG. They have a strong PUBG team that consistently performs at a high level.


Originating from China, Four Angry Men, often abbreviated as 4 AM, has established itself as one of the most formidable PUBG esports teams. They are known for their exceptional mechanical skills and tactical prowess.


OGN Entus is a prominent South Korean esports organization that has fielded successful PUBG teams. They have a reputation for their strong strategic play and consistent performance in tournaments.

7. ENCE:

ENCE is a Finnish esports organization that has made its mark in PUBG esports. They have a talented roster of players who have achieved notable victories and shown great potential in the competitive scene.


Virtus. pro is a well-established esports organization hailing from Russia. They have a skilled PUBG team that has demonstrated impressive performances and secured victories in various tournaments.


Shoot to Kill is a North American PUBG esports team that has gained recognition for its exceptional gunplay and strategic gameplay. They have consistently performed well in regional and international competitions.

10. T1:

T1 is a renowned esports organization based in South Korea. They have a talented PUBG team that has shown prowess in adapting to different metals and delivering strong results in major tournaments.


Na’Vi is an esports organization with a rich history in various competitive games. They have a dedicated PUBG team known for their skilled gameplay and strong communication.


Digital Athletics is a Turkish esports organization that has made its mark in PUBG esports. They have achieved success in both regional and international tournaments, showcasing their talent and teamwork.

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PUBG Esport scene
  1. PUBG Global Championship (PGC): The PGC is the pinnacle of PUBG esports. It brings together the top teams from around the world to compete for the prestigious title and a substantial prize pool. The tournament features intense battles and showcases the highest level of PUBG gameplay.
  2. PUBG Continental Series (PCS): The PCS is a series of regional tournaments that cover various regions, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Asia-Pacific. Each region has its own tournament, where top teams battle it out for supremacy and a chance to represent their region in global events.
  3. PUBG Champions League (PCL): The PCL is a league-based tournament that features a season format. Participating teams compete in multiple matches over a defined period, earning points based on their performance. The top teams from the league qualify for the playoffs, leading to an exciting conclusion to the tournament.
  4. PCS Charity Showdown: The PCS Charity Showdown is a special tournament that combines the thrill of PUBG esports with a charitable cause. The tournament aims to raise funds for various charitable organizations while providing exciting PUBG action. It’s a unique opportunity for fans to support a good cause while enjoying top-tier gameplay.
  5. DreamHack PUBG Showdown: DreamHack, a renowned gaming festival organizer, hosts its own PUBG Showdown events. These tournaments attract top teams from around the world and offer substantial prize pools. The DreamHack PUBG Showdown tournaments are known for their exciting matches and high production value.

These major PUBG esports tournaments offer thrilling battles, intense competition, and the opportunity for teams to prove themselves on the global stage. They provide a platform for players and teams to showcase their skills, entertain fans, and compete for fame and fortune in the world of PUBG esports.


To get involved in PUBG esports, follow these steps:

  1. Build your skills: Dedicate time to improving your gameplay by practicing regularly. Focus on developing your mechanical skills, game sense, and understanding of PUBG’s strategic aspects. Join online communities and participate in scrimmages to sharpen your abilities.
  2. Follow professional players and teams: Study the strategies and tactics used by professional PUBG players and teams. Watch their gameplay videos, streams, and tournament broadcasts to gain insights into their decision-making, positioning, and teamwork. Learning from the best can help you refine your own playstyle.
  3. Participate in online tournaments: Many online platforms host regular PUBG tournaments for amateur players. These tournaments provide an opportunity to showcase your skills, gain experience in a competitive setting, and potentially catch the attention of scouts or team managers.
  4. Attend local LAN events: Keep an eye out for local LAN (Local Area Network) events or tournaments in your area. LAN events bring players together in a physical location, allowing you to meet fellow players, network within the esports community, and showcase your abilities on a more personal level.
  5. Create content and engage with the community: Consider streaming your PUBG gameplay on platforms like Twitch or creating content on YouTube. Building a following through content creation can help you gain visibility and attract the attention of sponsors, esports organizations, or other players looking to form teams.
  6. Network within the esports community: Engage with other PUBG players and enthusiasts through social media, online forums, and community Discord servers. Building connections and relationships with like-minded individuals can lead to opportunities, collaborations, and valuable insights within the esports scene.

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The future of PUBG esports looks promising and filled with exciting opportunities. As the game continues to evolve and adapt, the esports scene is expected to thrive and attract even more players, teams, and spectators. Here are some key aspects that contribute to the bright future of PUBG esports:


PUBG Corporation, the developer of the game, has shown a strong commitment to the esports community. They actively organize and support tournaments, providing a structured competitive environment for players and teams to showcase their skills. The continued involvement of the developer ensures the growth and sustainability of PUBG esports.


PUBG Corporation frequently introduces updates, new maps, and gameplay features that keep the competitive landscape fresh and dynamic. These changes create new challenges and strategies for players, pushing them to adapt and innovate. The evolving nature of the game ensures that PUBG esports remains engaging and exciting for both players and spectators.


PUBG has a massive global player base, allowing for a diverse and competitive esports scene. With teams from various regions, PUBG esports tournaments feature international talent and rivalries. This global reach brings together players and fans from different backgrounds, contributing to the growth and popularity of the esports community.


PUBG esports has a dedicated fan base that supports and follows the competitive scene. The tournaments attract viewership through live streams, broadcasts, and online platforms. As the esports community expands, more fans are expected to engage with the competitions, increasing the overall popularity and viewership of PUBG esports.


The growing prominence of PUBG esports has attracted the attention of sponsors and investors. Companies recognize the potential of esports as a marketing platform and avenue for brand exposure. This increased sponsorship and investment contribute to the financial stability of the esports ecosystem, allowing for larger prize pools, better team support, and overall growth.


PUBG Corporation is likely to continue innovating and introducing new features to enhance the competitive experience. This includes gameplay improvements, spectator tools, and tournament formats. Such innovations will keep the esports scene fresh and captivating, ensuring its longevity in the ever-evolving esports industry.

With a strong foundation and ongoing developments, PUBG esports is positioned to flourish in the coming years. Players, teams, and fans can look forward to witnessing exhilarating competitions, remarkable displays of skill, and the continued growth of the PUBG esports community.


PUBG esports has emerged as an exhilarating realm within the gaming industry, captivating both players and spectators worldwide. The combination of intense battles, strategic gameplay, and skilled teamwork sets the stage for thrilling competitions. Aspiring players can strive to join notable teams like FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Gen.G Esports, TSM, or 4 AM, while major tournaments like the PGC, PCS, and PCL provide the ultimate stage for showcasing their talent. Whether you’re a passionate player or a dedicated fan, PUBG esports promises unforgettable moments of excitement and adrenaline.


  • How can I become a professional PUBG player? arrow down

    Becoming a professional PUBG player requires dedication, practice, and participation in online tournaments to gain recognition. Focus on improving your skills and networking within the esports community.

  • Are there age restrictions for participating in PUBG esports tournaments? arrow down

    Yes, most tournaments have age restrictions to ensure fair competition and comply with legal requirements. Make sure to check the specific rules and regulations of each tournament.

  • Can I play PUBG esports on any platform? arrow down

    Yes, PUBG esports is available on various platforms, including PC, consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), and mobile devices.

  • How much prize money can professional PUBG players win? arrow down

    The prize money in PUBG esports tournaments varies depending on the event, with some offering substantial prize pools reaching millions of dollars.

  • Are there opportunities for female players in PUBG esports? arrow down

    Yes, there are opportunities for female players in PUBG esports. Some tournaments have specific divisions or events dedicated to female players, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the competitive scene.

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