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Pyth Retires from CSGO to Pursue Career in Valorant

Pyth Retires from CSGO to Pursue Career in Valorant

We have received some big news from the world of CSGO with the announcement that the professional player known as Pyth will retire from the game, and move onto a new platform. Pyth, who is Jacob Mourujarvi, will move on to play Valorant, something he has been playing considerably recently and hopes to go professional soon.

Many will know Pyth for his 18-month stint with the Ninjas in Pyjamas roster, better known as NiP. The 26-year-old has certainly made a big decision here, he was more than comfortable playing CSGO as a professional.

  • CSGO News
  • May 12, 2020
Pyth Retires from CSGO to Pursue Career in Valorant

While with the NiP team, he won the 2016 DreamHack Masters in Malmo and posted many other good results in competitions around the world. Things appeared to be going well for him, but the lure of Valorant is seemingly too much for him.

Pyth took to Twitter to announce his decision to fans, and in that post, he explained that Valorant is a game that he has been playing rigorously recently. The game is created by Riot Games and is a first-person shooter. His aim from now is to be competent enough to become a professional Valorant player as soon as possible.

He revealed that the game brought two emotions that have been missing from CSGO for a long time for him. These were a ‘new spark’ and an ‘addiction’ to play more. He hadn’t felt these with CSGO for some time.

His level of play was also concerning him. Pyth said that the level he was playing at with NiP has never returned for the past few years, and that was bothering him. He went on to add that grinding for 12 hours a day on CSGO has made him into the person he is today, and he has met some wonderful people thanks to the game. CSGO has created memories for him that he will never forget for the rest of his life.


Mourujarvi will move onto Valorant, a game he has already described as being one he is addicted to. The fresh start is something that will hopefully do him the world of good, and while still playing 12 hours a day at the moment, the new goal is to become one of the best Valorant players on the best team out there.

Pyth is not the first professional CSGO player to quit the game and move to Valorant. Braxton “Brax” Pierce and former teammate Keven “AZK” Lariviere have both quit CSGO to create a Valorant squad with South Korean’s T1.

Hunter “Sick” Mims has taken a step back from CSGO after feeling stale in the sport, he is another looking at a career in Valorant. Another former player, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo will be the first professional Valorant player to play for Cloud9 from North America.

It will be interesting to follow this trend over the coming months and see if anyone else jumps ship and tries to translate their skills to the Valorant arena.

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