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Real Madrid Midfielder Casemiro Enters the CS:GO Market


We have another famous face joining the world of eSports and in particular CS:GO. Real Madrid midfielder and Brazilian international Casemiro has joined other sporting stars and launched his own eSports organisation.

This will be called CaseEsports, it will join the industry by creating a team to compete on CS:GO and the players who have been signed are all Brazilian.

  • CSGO News
  • November 3, 2020

There are five members of the team, Paulo Felipe (land1n), Denis Fisher (dzt), Felipe Delboni, Yan Pedretti (yepz) and Vinicius Pereira (n1ssim). The team will be based in Madrid where Casemiro players, despite having players that are all Brazilian. This means the footballer can be close by as he looks to establish and then push forward this new organisation in Spain.

No expense has been spared here either, the players will all have an office and gaming house which gives them valuable practice time together, they can also compete from there if they need to. It is expected that the first time we see the team will be in the qualifiers for the DreamHack Open which take place in December.

When commenting on the venture, Casemiro stated that the team has been created because he loves the hobby of gaming and in particular competitive gaming. He wants to create a professional team, and then give them the tools to play at the top of the game, just like he is at the moment.

A quick look at the newly created CaseEsports home page will show you that this team means business. They have already secured many different partners ahead of their launch, and there are some big names in there too.

Casemiro, Real Madrid

HyperX, BUH, Drift and Hawkers are amongst the names listed on the site as being partners to the team, an impressive start. Casemiro is not the first athlete moving into the eSports industry and in particular the creation of new brands.

Fellow footballer Sergio Aguero who plays in England with Manchester City has launched his own eSports organisation recently, which has been named KRU eSports. Over in the USA, NFL Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins has invested heavily to create a team of his own, this has been named Team Diverge.

Dion Waiters may not be the biggest name on the Los Angeles Lakers NBA roster but he is another to get involved, creating an eSports company in Miami named Centric Gaming. These have all happened in the past few weeks, it is as though someone has knocked the first domino and they are now all falling into place.

With CaseEsports heading straight into CS:GO, they have shown they mean business, and they don’t want to mess around here, they want to be a legitimate player. When you combine that with the fact that they have already secured many different partnerships, this team has built some effective foundations in which they can now begin to move upwards. Hopefully, for their sake, this work pays off over the coming years.

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