Sell CSGO Skins for PayPal in 2022

Selling CSGO skins for PayPal balance is one of the most convenient ways to get paid from your CSGO inventory. On this page we look at what are the best PayPal CSGO skin exchanges and which sites you should avoid. Some of the websites on this list even give you extra balance when you deposit using PayPal and have created a trustworthy and legit environment so you can feel safe selling your CS:GO skins.

How to sign-up to PayPal CSGO trading sites

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can visit to start creating an account so you can be able to sell CSGO skins for instant cash. We’ve created a step by step guide which you can use to sign up to online market places below!

  1. Choose from any of the PayPal CSGO markets above and click on “Play Now”.
  2. Login by using your Steam account.
  3. Enter your Steam trade URL when prompted to do so.
  4. You may be required to add your API key. This is safe to do so on the sites we recommend.
  5. Once your Steam account is linked you can begin to successfully sell CSGO skins for PayPal.
  6. Choose if you’d like to list your items as instant sale to the marketplace, for a lower price, if you want cash instantly or by listing it to other players if you want the most amount of money.

What are the benefits of using PayPal to sell CSGO skins?

PayPal is one of the most secure banking platforms in the world. Users can securely send money in seconds and with competitive exchange rates, no matter where you or the recipient are in the world. Did we mention it’s secure? Buying Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins from legit sites has an extra layer of security, which can only be achieved by checking out using PayPal.

Where can I buy and sell CSGO skins using PayPal?

The majority of sites that accept PayPal for CSGO skins are safe to sell skins The reason for this is due to PayPal’s strict policy on who they allow as merchants. However, if you’re looking for the best sites for selling CSGO skins using PayPal, all the sites we list at CSGOBook are tested to make sure they’re legit sites for selling skins and skin trading.

A good way of testing a site yourself is to make some smaller trades before committing to a larger sale, this way you can feel comfortable that the site is trustworthy.

Steam marketplace can be a great platform to acquire CSGO skins for PayPal. The Steam Market is completely legit and was created by Valve Corporation to allow players to trade their favourite skins for money to use on Steam.

The benefits of using Steam Marketplace is that you don’t have to rely on a 3rd party website and can be a great place to buy CSGO skins for a bargain. If your skins don’t sell for real money on third party websites, as a last resort the Steam Marketplace might be a lot easier, depending on the skins value.

What is the difference when selling skins on third party markets or Steam market?

When you buy skins for PayPal on third party sites, you’re typically paying less than on the Steam Market. However, the prices fluctuate regularly, which is something sellers who don’t understand the markets need to be careful of, to maximize their profits.

If you have a website, social media or Twitch channel which has a lot of traffic or viewers many third party CSGO marketplaces give you the chance to earn real money through referrals or affiliate revenue.

CS:GO exchanges will often accept a bunch of different banking options, including some of the most popular payment methods available. These can range from wire transfer, e-wallet, real money deposits like MasterCard, WebMoney, CSGO items, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Can I only sell or buy CSGO skins for PayPal?

No – other games skins you can find on most third party PayPal trading sites consist of Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Rust Skins and much more. Alternatively, you can sell or buy these skins on the Steam Market, just like CS:GO but you won’t get the best prices. If you’re content with having a Steam wallet balance instead of real money, you can sell skins to the online community through Valve.


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