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The Ultimate Dust II Map Callout Guide for CS:GO

The Ultimate Dust II Map Callout Guide for CS:GO

Have you ever experienced the exhilarating blend of adrenaline and strategy, the thrill of making split-second decisions while traversing through an iconic landscape?  If you are a seasoned gamer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), you must realize we are speaking about the most exciting map of CS:GO – Dust II. This map has endured through different iterations of the game, becoming a symbol of CS: GO’s legacy.

This desert battlefield has earned fame and adoration through its well-balanced layout, pushing the limits of both teams’ strategies and tactics. Today, let’s dive into the intricacies of CS:GO Callout Dust II guide – the secret language that bridges the gap between victory and defeat.

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  • June 30, 2023
The Ultimate Dust II Map Callout Guide for CS:GO


Arguably the most popular map, Dust II is a perfect blend of closed corridors and open spaces, providing diverse gameplay experiences. But with complexity comes the need for effective communication. That’s where “callouts” come into play – specific terms referring to locations on the map, helping teams strategize and share real-time info without giving the game away.


Before you learn to navigate through Dust II, let’s explore its standout features. So, you get a profound understanding of how to master gameplay in different parts of this map. 


Dust II, the successor to the classic Dust, strikes a unique balance. The design is straightforward, yet the potential for mind-blowing strategies is immense. It’s a map where beginners can get their bearings, and veterans can demonstrate tactical mastery.

  • The Birthplace of Epic Clashes – Mid:

Arguably, the most exciting feature of Dust II is the Mid area. This is where the game’s metaphorical heart beats the loudest. The duels that occur here, especially the intense ‘AWP battles,’ are nothing short of legendary. The open layout of Mid, coupled with the challenge of Mid Doors, tests the mettle of the sharpest shooters.


The Long corridor, stretching from T Spawn to A site, is a battlefield in its own right. The firefights that ensue within the confines of the corridor, and the subsequent cat-and-mouse game between snipers at Pit and A site, are an unforgettable part of Dust II. This pathway’s combination of distance and narrow quarters encourages heart-stopping gunplay.

  • A Game of Shadows – Tunnels:

Adding an air of suspense to the map, the Upper and Lower Tunnels present players with high-risk, high-reward options. Will you try for a surprise flank or maybe lay a trap for your unsuspecting foes? The decisions made in these shadowy corridors can lead to whether a triumphant victory or a crushing defeat.

  • A Tale of Two Sites – A and B:

The culmination of Dust II’s strategic warfare lies in its bomb sites, A and B. With their distinct layouts, these sites are the stage for the most intense, nail-biting moments of the game. Whether it’s the multi-level skirmishes at A site or the close-quarter battles at B, the tension is palpable, and the excitement is high. So, from the blazing battles at Mid, the suspenseful treks through the Tunnels, to the climactic fights at the bomb sites, Dust II is a whirlwind of excitement that encapsulates the very essence of CS:GO.

A testament to its design brilliance, Dust II remains the crown jewel of CS: GO, creating unforgettable stories of courage, determination, and victory. So, become confident with these valuable navigational tips to step onto the sands of Dust II.

  • Terrorist Territory – Spawn to Mid Doors:

Starting off at T Spawn, players can opt for a gutsy rush to Suicide, a risky yet rewarding move. The mid area, characterized by Top Mid (Barrels, Palm) and Xbox, is where the action really heats up. The path to Catwalk (Cat) from Xbox requires precise teamwork and timing.

  • The Long Road – Outside Long to Long Corner:

While some players prefer the rush of mid, others opt for a slower, more strategic approach via Outside Long. Key locations here include the Car Outside LongLong DoorsBlue (Blue Box), and finally, the much-feared Pit (Side Pit, Pit Plat). Each location has its unique tactical implications, with the Long Corner being the pivotal point leading to the A site.

  • Assault on Site A – A Long to A Short:

Post Long Corner, we approach A Long, with A Car providing an excellent defensive position. Navigating the crossfire from A Cross to Elevator / Boost / Pocket could turn the tide of the match. Some players use the Short Boost to get a better view or sneak through A Ramp to A Default Plant behind Barrels to avoid this. Goose is another strategic point, offering an overview of A Plat (Baskets) and Ninja. On the other side, A Short leads you back to mid, offering an alternative route with Stairs marking the halfway point.

  • The Defensive Stronghold – CT Spawn to CT Mid:

On the CT side, we start at the CT Spawn, the heart of the CT base. CT Mid is where the CTs can choose their path – either challenge the Ts at Mid Doors, hold their ground at Close Mid Doors, or gain a height advantage at Scaffolding.

  • The B Site Battlefield – B Window to B Plat:

The B Site is a veritable maze of close-quarter locations. From the B Window, one can keep a watchful eye over B Doors and B Boxes, while B Car provides a surprise element. B Closet and Big Box are vital for defense, along with Double Stack and B Back Site. Lastly, the B Default Plant behind B Plat is where the Ts aims to plant the bomb.

  • The Final Countdown – Fence to T Plat:

As the round nears its climax, Fence and Close can be used for surprise attacks. The Upper Tunnels and Lower Tunnels (Dark) are critical to both attack and defense. Outside Tunnels leads back to T Spawn, marking the full rotation of the map. Lastly, T Ramp and T Plat are the final strongholds for the Ts, marking the round’s conclusion.


Mastering Dust II callouts is a formidable task, but with persistence and practice, the cryptic jargon soon becomes second nature. Understanding and using these callouts strategically can dramatically change the outcome of your matches. 

So gear up, immerse yourself in the tactical brilliance of Dust II, and remember – every callout could be the call to victory! After all, every round is a new chapter in the thrilling tale of this CS:GO Callout Dust II classic!

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