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Top 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins Ever Sold

If you’re a CS:GO player or collector, you’ve likely heard about the world of rare and expensive skins. These digital items can fetch prices that rival those of luxury cars and homes, thanks to their rarity and popularity among players. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 most expensive CSGO skins ever sold, and what makes these weapon skins so valuable.

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  • September 20, 2023
Top 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins Ever Sold

Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem) – $1.3 million to $1.5 million+


Considered the most expensive skin in CSGO, purchased by user Newb Rage for a whopping $100,000 – the skin features a completely blue pattern on one side. This is what gives it the title, blue gem. Estimated to be valued initially at $800,000 after the game rose in popularity, a buyer gave Newb Rage an offer of $1,200,000 EUR in Bitcoin for the blue gem.

However, surprisingly, Newb Rage declined, referring to the offer as too low. This prompted the middleman, ohnePixel, to ask what his price for the skin was, to which the owner of the blue gem gave no response.

So, while technically not sold yet, the blue gem is considered to be the most expensive Factory New skin in CSGO since even the owner doesn’t know how expensive this rare skin is!

Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore – $100,000 to $500,000+

Souvenir AWP

When it comes to AWP weapon skins, there’s none more expensive than the Dragon Lore skin. Now, add the rarity of this particular pattern alongside it being a Souvenir Factory New, and we’re in for a very expensive treat.

The Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin is dropped in specific CSGO pro matches if you have your account connected to Twitch or CS:GO TV. They feature gold stickers and resemble an AWP skin in every way. However, these three stickers stand out as they feature the tournament in which the skin was dropped. They also showcase the two teams that were playing in that particular match.

Depending on the AWP skin that you have, the value of this particular Dragon Lore can range from $100,000 and can go up to $500,000. The value and rarity of these expensive stickers, coupled with the inherent value of the Dragon Lore, leads this to be one of the most expensive AWP skins in CSGO.

You’ll also find this skin heavily featured on CSGO case opening sites such as Dat Drop and GGDrop as well.

AK-47 Case Hardened (Scar Pattern) – $60,000+


Lovingly referred to as the 661 pattern, the AK-47 Case Hardened usually tops out at $400-600 depending on your pattern and whether the skin is Factory New or Minimal Wear. However, a weapon skin with this particular pattern can go for upwards of $60,000.

Throw in a few stickers, and the scar pattern leads this skin to reach a valuation of over $100,000. Considered one of the most expensive skins in the game, it features an anodized titanium version, with the Factory New version of this hardened skin from the Arms Deal Collection, which has garnered much praise in CS2 as well, thanks to the added glimmer of the AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem.

M4A4 Howl – $14,000+


A Contraband skin is one that is unobtainable and has been canceled by Valve. However, they can still be legally traded. Because of this, they are extremely rare in-game skins. The M4A4 Howl, in particular, thanks to its unique design, features a red fire-breathing dragon created by an artist who ordered a DMCA takedown of the skin. This is why it was promptly removed from the store.

The skin starts off at around $4000 and goes up to $14,000 if you opt for the StatTrack Factory New version of the skin. While not the prettiest skin out there, the M4A4 Howl certainly takes the cake when it comes to rarity, which leads it to be one of the most expensive skins you can get for CT side.

Crimson Web Skin Knives (Factory New) – $17,000+


You can’t talk about the most expensive CS:GO skins without mentioning knife skins. The Crimson Web skin is a popular pattern that has sold on Karambits and Bayonets for well over $12,000. The way these skins are valued is primarily based on whether they are Factory New or not and whether the Crimson Web skin has an aesthetically pleasing pattern or not.

While you’ll find a lot of Crimson Web skins at reasonable prices, Factory New ones with lower wear values are extremely rare, which is why they’re extremely expensive. Additionally, Crimson Web knives in CS2 have a very shimmery appearance, further leading to their price being hiked in recent months.

Here’s a quick look at what price you can expect for some popular Crimson Web Skin knife variations:

  • Butterfly Knife Crimson Web: $17,000
  • M9 Bayonet Crimson Web: $12,000
  • Talon Knife Crimson Web: $9,500

Sport Gloves: Vice (Pandora’s Box) – $20,000+


Many of the original gloves added in the Glove Case update are considered to be the most expensive glove skins of all time. Perhaps the most expensive is the Pandora’s Box Sports Gloves. Featuring a purple shimmer coupled with a black finish, these gloves have soared in rarity ever since gloves have gotten more popular as a cosmetic in CS:GO.

While initially considered to be just a gimmick, with guns and knives now getting more fleshed out, inspect animations, and pros using gloves on the regular, these sport gloves have jumped to about $21,000 and are expected to rise as they only increase in rarity.

AK-47 Wild Lotus – $10,000+


The Wild Lotus skin is one of our personal favorites here at CSGO Book. It features an intricate pattern, with leaves and flowers shooting off the barrel and magazine of the gun. This weapon skin features soothing hues, and a Factory New version of this skin will set you back about $8,000.

Released in 2019 as a part of the St. Marc collection, placing on a few stickers leads to the Wild Lotus soaring up to $10,000. It also is one of the fastest-selling expensive CS:GO skins, thanks to its unique patterns and the rarity of its Factory New version.

This patterned skin has also made a major comeback in CS2. Just like the Butterfly knife, the pattern has been almost completely reworked, and its color palette has been refined significantly to accommodate the Source 2 engine’s new shaders. Because of this, we’re expecting this skin to soar in price even further in the coming months.

AWP Gungnir – $10,000+


A weapon fit for the Allfather, the AWP Gungnir is a part of the Norse Collection and is also a relatively new skin, released in late 2019. The skin features Norse markings on its entire chassis, with a blue and ivory contrast alongside an inscription of Thor’s spear.

Besides its rarity, this AWP skin is absolutely jaw-dropping. And, a Factory New listing will set you back around $10,000. There’s no StatTrack variant of this gun, however, just like the Dragon Lore. Due to its age, the Gungnir is an extremely recent entry in the list of the most expensive CS:GO skins. Unlike the Wild Lotus and most other CS:GO skins you can get from Roulette as well, it hasn’t seen major changes in CS2.

Butterfly Knife Lore – $15,000+


Featuring a beautiful engraved golden design, it’d be a crime to not include this mythical skin on our list. Setting you back around $15,000 for the StatTrack factory new version, you can find this skin at Minimal Wear for around $6,000.

With a beautiful contrast of gold and green, the skin combines elegance with industrial design. The Lore is also the newest skin on our list, as it was released in late 2022 as part of the Dreams & Nightmares collection.

Emerald and Sapphire Knives – $8000 to $16,000+


The Emerald Butterfly Knife is one of the most sought-after skin variations in the game. While these skins were already quite expensive, ranging from $8,000 to $16,000 depending on the variant, the release of CS2 has taken them to new heights.

The Source 2 Engine, which CS2 is based on, has massively improved overall lighting and shadows for these shimmery skins. Because of this, skins like the Emerald and Sapphire, which have a lot of sheen, have soared in price. Therefore, they’re an excellent investment to make and are worth the gamble!

Why Are Some CS:GO Skins More Expensive Than Others?


There are multiple factors to evaluating the value of a CS:GO skin. While there are some set patterns, such as a Factory New skin being more expensive than a Minimal Wear, CS:GO skins also have a ton of outliers as specific wear values can actually lead to a skin looking better than what it would if it was Factory New.

Let’s take a look at all the factors that have led to the most expensive CS:GO skins of all time:

Supply and Demand

Unlike games that have a closed marketplace, such as League of Legends or Fortnite, the prices of these skins are not set by Valve. Instead, they operate on a free market, just like our real world economy. Because of this, the primary reason why one skin is more expensive than the other is simply because it is rare, and there’s a lot of demand for it.

The demand itself is solely based on player hype. For instance, the reason why the Butterfly Knife got so popular in the beginning was because it was used by a lot of professional players in tournaments. Since players tend to emulate pro players, the Butterfly Knife Crimson Web, amongst many others, saw an immediate increase in price.

Skin Variations

Not all CS:GO skins that have the same name are created equal. They have different wear values, float values, and pattern differences which can lead to major differences. For instance, specific patterns found on skins like the Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem and the Crimson Web Knives are extremely rare, leading to their high price.

Otherwise, skins that do not have that exact pattern are around 80-90% cheaper. Here are some common factors that can severely alter the price of a skin:

  • StatTrack: StatTrack is a physical counter present on the weapon skin that tracks the lifetime number of kills you have with that weapon. The rarest skins in the game tend to be ones that are StatTrack variants.
  • Wear Conditions: Factory New skins tend to always be more expensive as they keep all of the patterns of a weapon skin intact. However, some rare instances can lead to a Minimal Wear skin being preferred thanks to a change in pattern.
  • External Circumstances: A souvenir version of a gun or a contraband skin can massively inflate the price. This is simply because it increases the rarity of the weapon skin tenfold.For instance, while a typical Dragon Lore may cost around $12,000, a Souvenir Factory New can reach upwards of $400,000.

Both third party sites and the Steam Marketplace are relatively consistent with how they value newer skins. However, as these skins age, you’ll find the Steam Marketplace to be relatively inflated, while these third party sites tend to paint a more accurate picture.

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