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Top 10 Tricky and Hidden Tricks in CS:GO

Top 10 Tricky and Hidden Tricks in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the heartthrob of many dedicated gamers. Every player dreams of shining in this world of thrilling first-person shooting (FPS) gameplay. But let’s be real, mastering CS:GO isn’t just about rapid-fire reflexes or an eagle-eyed aim. Nope! It’s a lot more!

It’s about understanding the game’s soul, its very essence, and finding ways to outsmart your opponents, using some super cool hidden tricks that make the game a lot more fun, and guess what? More winnable too! 

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  • June 30, 2023
Top 10 Tricky and Hidden Tricks in CS:GO


By utilizing hidden tricks, you can expect a massive boost to your performance. They are like secret handshakes. The knowledge of which separates the rookies from the seasoned pros. Then, there’s this thing about saving time.

Imagine having a few secret shortcuts up your sleeve while racing against the clock. Priceless, isn’t it? These hidden tricks in CS:GO can be significant time savers, giving you that extra couple of seconds to plant a bomb or secure a hostage. Also, with these hidden tricks, you can quickly understand maps, find the best hiding spots, and learn the fastest escape routes, making your gaming experience more efficient and enjoyable. So, let’s focus on these hidden tricks in CS:GO, which we are talking about. 


Discovering and executing hidden tricks in CS:GO can add more excitement and novelty to your gaming experience. Follow our lead to become a pro in CS:GO so that fans look out for you to sponsor your games. So grab your mouse, adjust your gaming chair, and let’s dive in!


First up, let’s talk about optimizing your crosshair. This small, unassuming symbol on your screen can make a world of difference in landing those perfect headshots. Play around with the size, color, and style. Trust me. It’s not just about looks. It’s a critical tool for aiming right!

Customizing the crosshair to your liking will lead to more headshots and fewer missed opportunities. Many professionals use a green crosshair for better visibility. But that might not suit you. That’s why you must keep on experimenting until you find the perfect one. 


Tactical common game sense isn’t just about knowing the map. It’s about predicting your enemy’s next move. Game sense is the sixth sense you develop after hours of gameplay. It’s the instinct that tells you when an enemy lurks around the corner or when it’s safe to defuse the bomb.

The more you play, the more you’ll learn the maps, predict player behavior, and develop this invaluable skill. Keep your ears open for footsteps, watch for patterns, and remember knowledge is power.


Well, when it comes to CS:GO, the win is in the settings! Accurate setting adjustments can transform your game. From graphics and audio to controls and interface, each element should be tweaked for optimal performance. Remember, your settings are your own personal stage – make sure it’s set just right!

Fiddle with your settings, adjust your view model, and tweak your graphics. Even the slightest change can impact your gameplay significantly. And trust us, the right settings can turn a good player into a great one.


The perfect resolution and mouse sensitivity are crucial to making those winning shots. A lower resolution can enhance your FPS, while the right mouse sensitivity will help you aim with precision. While high resolution can help you spot enemies better, too high a sensitivity can hamper your aim. 

So, confused about whether sensitivity should be low or high? While on the topic of sensitivity, here’s a trick – low sensitivity can help improve your accuracy! Because it gives you more control over your aim. A balance between precision and swift movement is key here.

Peek-a-Boo – Know When to Peek:

Peeking can provide you with crucial information, but it’s all about timing. Peek at the wrong moment, and you’re a sitting duck. While peeking in the right moment and spot can add one more headshot to your records.

Now, we all know the urge to peek can be overwhelming, but remember, timing is everything. Only peek at the right situations, or else you’re just giving away your position. So learn the maps, understand the enemy’s strategies, and make every peek count. 

Solo Power – Prepare for Solo Queuing:

Solo queuing can be tough, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to prove your mettle. Preparing for solo queuing is like being a lone ranger. It can feel like you’re walking into a battlefield blindfolded. Use it as an opportunity to improve your individual skills.

However, CS:GO is a squad game. So, maintain a positive attitude, communicate with your teammates, and remember – teamwork makes the dream work! The solo queuing ability will bare fruit when you are the last person alive on your team. 

Explosive Advantage – Spot Preset Grenades:

Mastering grenades can give you an explosive advantage (pun intended!). Learning to spot preset grenades is a neat trick that can save your skin. If you spot them early, you can steer clear or plan a counter-attack.

Precisely, grenades can turn the tide of a match, especially if you can spot the preset ones. So, practice your throws, learn common grenade spots, and you’ll be causing mayhem in no time. 

Talk it Out – The Power of Communication:

Proper communication can make or break a match. Keep your callouts clear and concise, listen to your teammates, and remember, a positive team is a winning team! Clear, concise communication with your team can turn the tide of any match. 

If you are playing with your friends, then you know how to communicate with them. But perfect communication skills will require when you team up with unknown people. So, check whether your teammates can understand you and vice-versa before the battle begins.

Money Matters – Understand the Economic System:

It is crucial to understand the economic system of CS:GO. It can be tricky, but mastering it can give you a significant advantage. You have limited resources in CS:GO, so you must spend it wisely. Also, you can make a significant profit from selling your rare or legendary items, which can give you the opportunity to purchase essential items and save for future rounds. Also, keep an eye on your team’s economy to win tournaments. 

Practice and Practice – Hit the Bulls Eye:

You have observed a legendary player in FPS games never misses a shot! But in CS:GO, those headshots don’t come easy. Hard practice that trains your brain and fingers to sync perfectly, transforming those missed shots into flawless victories. Practice will advantage you in every way. Not only in shooting, but you will also become a human GPS, letting you navigate these mazes like it’s a walk in the park! Practice in CS:GO isn’t just about shooting faster or aiming better. It’s about understanding the game, the maps, the strategies, managing panic, and becoming a team player.

The Bottom Line:

To wrap things up, it’s clear as day that these hidden tricks in CS:GO can totally transform your gaming experience. Keep honing these skills, and soon you’ll be ruling the servers. Remember, while these tricks can give you an edge, nothing beats practice. So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating these hidden tricks into your game and step up your CS:GO game like never before! Happy Gaming!

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