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Top 14 Most Expensive CSGO Knives You Can Buy

Top 14 Most Expensive CSGO Knives You Can Buy

Every CS:GO player knows that when it comes to skins, the absolute cream of the crop is the knife skins. They are the definitive symbol of status in the CS:GO community, being the priciest item a player can wield, and simply wielding one of the rarer skins can convey to other players you aren’t messing around. The following list of the most expensive CSGO knife skins is like the cream of the crop of the best of the best. In other words, these are the rarest knives around and will leave other players green with envy (and your bank account a bit lighter, too!).

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  • September 21, 2023
Top 14 Most Expensive CSGO Knives You Can Buy


Expensive Weapon Skins

There are various factors that contribute to the price ranges of a knife skin. Unlike other games, CSGO knives are tradable, with their prices being set by the Community Market. So, the most expensive knife skins are ones that the community has voted to be the highest in value by their wallets.

With that said, here are the reasons why one knife skin in CSGO might be more expensive than the others:

  • Aesthetics: The most expensive knife skins look awesome. For instance, the M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler features great sheen, shine, and hue. The skins that are considered in the community to be the most aesthetically pleasing tend to increase in value.
  • Float and Wear Values: Skins range from Minimal Wear to Factory New, these dictate the level of wear on the knife skins. On the other hand, Float values dictate the color mixture of a particular knife; both of these dictate the price of a knife.
  • Rarity: Not all skins are created equal; some are rarer than others. This seems to be the primary reason why expensive knives tend to be extremely rare as well. Some aren’t even that aesthetically pleasing, but they still tend to be at a higher price range due to their rarity.
  • Knife Type: A Butterfly Knife will always be a more expensive knife than a Gut Knife, which is the same variant. This is primarily because of the Inspect animations associated with their skins, with some appearing to look better than others in-game.


Steam Community :: Screenshot :: M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New) -  NOT STATTRAK

Widely considered one of the rarest and best skins in the game – and with that one of the most expensive – is the much sought after M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory New. This attention-grabbing spectacle of a knife doesn’t fetch it’s renown from the unusual and eye-catching patterns that can form when you unbox it and the amazing ‘crimson webs’ that can form. Nope, it gets its high price purely because of looking absolutely incredible and is the most expensive CSGO knife you can buy.

Pretty much every seasoned CS:GO player agrees that the design of the knife is immaculate, with the pitch-black handle of the blade offsetting the crimson blade with its fine silver edge. Whilst it’s difficult to figure out an average price that you would pay for this knife, it’s very likely you’d pay upwards of $3,500!


Steam Community :: :: ☆ Karambit Doppler Ruby l Factory New

This is a rare colourway of the ‘Doppler’ skin, which has the usual vortex of different colours replaced with a single colour. As the namesake may have suggested to you, this colour is a magnificent ruby red. With the knife being not just a rare knife in itself – the Karambit – but the colourway also being rare, The Ruby Doppler ranks high up there in rarity – so rare that you’ll be looking to pay upwards of $1,500.


This is a very rare variant in the Doppler set of CS:GO knives. The knife itself has a wonderful blue blade, which is a mesmerizing shade of deep, dark sapphire blue. When that’s combined with the M9 Bayonet, you have something that can be only described as a ‘jaw-dropper. A blade that needs no introduction when you show it off in a game and that carries a certain prestige with it… A prestige that will set you back somewhere around $2,500.


Steam Community :: Screenshot :: M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Emerald 0.018

Whilst the ruby and sapphire variants of the Doppler knife have been around for a good few years, the emerald variant that makes up number four on our list is the newest edition in the range – but that doesn’t subtract from its rarity! Like the other gem colour skins, it’s a rare variant of the already rare Gamma Doppler. Here we have the M9 Bayonet blade and handguard covered in an emerald and moss green that will definitely catch a few eyes on the battlefield. Price-wise, these usually go for upwards of $2,750.

When it comes to having an expensive knife, this knife certainly justifies the high price tag. While not the most expensive CSGO knife, we think that Emerald knife skins tend to generally have high potential since the release of CS2 has lead them to have a lot more sheen thanks to the Source 2 Engine.

So, if you are looking for a non-Butterfly Knife to invest in, we anticipate that Emerald knives will jump up in value in the skin market.


H] Karambit Case Hardened #776 WW, M9 Oceano FT non duped, 4x Titan Holo ST  AK-47 Blue Laminate MW, ST MW M9 Crimson Web 0.07, Karambit Fire & Ice 2nd  Max #541

Looking for the rarest knife in Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Well, this may well just be it. The Blue gem variant of the Karambit Case Hardened. This series of skins include a range of colours – gold, yellow, blue and purple. These colours are randomly arranged in each skin, so the colourways on the knives are almost all unique. 

The absolute rarest and most sought after of these Case Hardened karambit skins is the ‘Blue Gem’, noticeable by its strikingly blue blade on its main (play) side. This skin is stupidly hard to run into, with the price they go for reflecting that. Because of the randomness of the colouring of the blade, the prices these knives go for varies wildly. For one of the lesser wanted types, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $500 – $1,000. The rarer ‘rank one’ colourways can set you back big bucks though – sometimes beyond a cool $10,000!


Butterfly Knife / Factory New Marble Fade CSGO, Video Gaming, Gaming  Accessories, Game Gift Cards & Accounts on Carousell

Got $600 – $900 spare and fancy a rare knife skin? Then you can get your mitts on this rare variant of the butterfly knife. This variant is so rare purely because it’s in the best possible condition and has a distinctive ‘marble’ colourway that is highly desired with CS:GO players.


Selling M9 Bayonet Night - d2jsp Topic

Always a firm favourite with players, the Night series stands out purely because of its simplicity. With a finish that’s as black as the night – hence the name – the factory new condition Night skins always cost quite a bit more than the others and are quite rare, with the M9 Bayonet being the most sought after variant. If you’re after this jet black beauty, you’d better prepare to part with between $750 and $1,000.


M9 Bayonet Ultraviolet Factory New - Album on Imgur

The Ultraviolet is a colourway that sounds wrong on paper, but looks absolutely right – A dark, menacing purple around the handle with a dull black on the blade. Whilst its simplicity is blatant, the combination helps the knife to stand out as one of the most desirable in the game. Whilst it’s hard to pinpoint the price exactly as it varies wildly from seller to seller, prepare to hand over around $1,000 for this nice piece of kit.


Karambit Crimson Web (field Tested) - d2jsp Topic

Any CS:GO pro will let you know that when it comes to the priciest knives, the Karambit and its variants will always be up there. This is down to the fact that the curved blade just looks cool on its own, no matter the colourway or variant, and the animations when you draw the blade are unique. The Crimson Web version of the Karambit just adds to this appeal, with the deep tones and blood red blade and loop. You’re going to be looking at between $1,500 and $2,000 to get your hands on this impressive weapon.


M9 Bayonet | Lore FT 0.23 - Album on Imgur

Ever since its initial release, this expensive knife has been eyed up and hunted by many CS:GO players, with the Factory New condition being the creme de la creme of what you could unbox. As with many of the different skins we mention, the M9 Bayonet quickly became the most sought after variant – and with the price tag of a cool $1,000, that rarity shows!


Stiletto Knife Crimson Web FT + Gloves Bloodhound Guerrilla FT CS:GO -  YouTube

You may be surprised to see a stiletto knife on our list of the most expensive knives– as we were. But the eye-catching Blood red and black pattern of the Crimson Web skin once again boost the value of this blade, as it has done on many others on the list. With the Factory New condition only adding to the rarity, this stiletto turns out to be the prize in many players’ collections once they possess it. Expect to shell out around $1,500 dollars for this stiletto.


☆ Bayonet | Slaughter — skin on CS:GO Wiki by CS.MONEY

Just like the Case Hardened collection we mentioned before, the Slaughter skins series has quite a decent range of different varieties of patterns displayed on the weapon. The diamond pattern is right up near the top in terms of desirability, with the blade of the weapon displaying different red splashes all forming small diamond patterns all over it, making it a rare pattern on top of an already hard to get knife. Whilst the Slaughter skins have taken a bit of a nosedive in popularity and price with the addition of so many new skins, you can still commonly find these expensive knives going for $500 to $1,000.


iNSTINCT on Twitter: "Looking for a really good Karambit Marble Fade Fire &  Ice + Fade gloves. If you are a trader or know someone who got one of those  then please

The Karambit makes its final entry on our list with this impressive little number. The Marble Fade skins always look impressive, but even more so when you manage to get one of the more sought after colourings. Here we’re talking about the Fire and Ice colouring, which will have the play side of the knife being completely covered in red, or the fire, and blue, or the ice, with no yellow showing at all.

Obviously getting the perfect colourway is already incredibly hard enough to get, but also factory new? You need to be incredibly lucky to unbox one! Or have deep pockets – they typically sell for $1,000, but prices change depending on the different patterns of the knife and who’s selling it.


CS:GO Nóż Bayonet Fade Factory New (100% Fade) - 7641875927 - oficjalne  archiwum Allegro

The Fade family of skins is well known throughout the CS:GO world – but what exactly is a 100% Fade? It’s any skin in the Fade series that shows the full range of colours on the blade, just like a rainbow – Red, yellow and blue. This distinctive colouring makes the blade look in a class of its own. It’s also one of the cheapest knives on our list, setting you back between $200 to $500, with the price heading towards the higher side of the range with a better Fade.

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