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Use Your Equipment in CS:GO


If you are new to csgo you probably haven’t fully realized the real importance of using your equipment properly. There’s 3 kinds of items on the equipment department: the kevlar, the helmet and the defuse kit. Equipment is different from utility in the way that equipment won’t help you get easier kills. The main job of equipment is help you to survive.

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  • January 31, 2019


Kevlar and helmet are the most used type of equipment in the game. The kevlar basically protects your whole body from shots, except your head which will only be protected with a helmet. Of course that you will not be protected to the point where the shots won’t affect you. They will always deal damage to you, but a lot less damage. The damage you will get will vary accordingly with the armor penetration of the weapon you were shot with. When you get shot you will also lose armor points. If the armor points reaches zero you will lose the kevlar and the helmet.


The kevlar costs 650$ and the helmet costs 350$. While the kevlar can be bought alone, the helmet can only be bought if you already have kevlar, or if you buy them at the same time for 1000$. Also note that if you have kevlar but you were already shot you Won’t have 100 armor points anymore. In these cases you would have to buy a new kevlar if you want to buy a helmet.


By now you already realized that if you have kevlar and helmet your enemies will have to hit you with more bullets in order to kill you. However the other important factor of using the kevlar and helmet is to protect you against aim punch.

The aim punch is a effect that will happen when you are hit by a shot, if you don’t have any armor. Basically your crosshair will move upwards whenever you are hit, so it will be a lot harder for you to kill your enemies. This results in you probably losing almost all 1vs1 duels where you and your opponent are shooting simultaneously. This is a major factor and you should probably consider buying kevlar every round.


Well, kevlar and helmet are extremely important in the game. This means they should be bought in almost every round of the game. The exceptions to this are when your team decides to do a full-eco round, or if you are trying to save money for an awp on the next round. In the rounds where you have money I advise you to always buy kevlar first. This allows you to not miss your money calculations. Then you can buy your weapon and utility with the rest of the money.

When you have a very strong economy you should always buy kevlar and helmet. If you are low on your economy then you can opt for alternatives. If you are on the CT-side and your enemies have a strong economy you can consider buying only the kevlar without the helmet. Basically in these situations you will be playing against AK’s and AWP’s all the time. The AK-47 and the AWP can kill you with a one bullet headshot anyway, so you can save the helmet money and buy some more utility to have more advantage. However don’t do this if you are facing a force-buy of the enemy team. In these cases you can be easily killed with a pistol headshot or with SMG’s, and it’s never fun to lose a expensive riffle to your enemies in these situations.

In the Terrorist side you should buy the helmet whenever you are in a buy round. The M4’s will only deal you 90 damage if you have helmet, so that could make the difference. Also, the AK-47 is 400$ cheaper than the M4’s, so buying AK-47 and helmet is the equivalent of buying a M4 with only kevlar.

When you already have a kevler and helmet you should only consider buying a new one if you have 50 or less armor points. Usually you don’t lose more than 40 armor points in a round, so if you have more than 50 points you don’t take the chance of losing your full armor.

The only time in which you have money and you can consider to not buy kevlar is if you want to buy an AWP and you only barely have the money for it. The AWP can have a great impact in the round and sometimes it is worth the risk. However remember that if you miss a shot you will be tremendously exposed to your enemies.

Playing with a kevlar and helmet will make a huge impact on your game, especially if you are playing in the Silver/Gold ranks category. In these ranks a lot of new players don’t realize the true importance of it.


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Like the name says the defuse kit is a device that will help you to defuse bombs. It goes without saying that it can be only bought by the CT-side. If you are experienced in the game you have noticed that defusing a bomb will take you 10 seconds. However if you have a defuse kit this time will be reduced to 5 seconds. This may not appear important but it can be a crucial factor in a round. The defuse kit costs 400$ and must be bought whenever you have a strong economy. If your team is in a poor economy situation you should consider buying only 2 or 3 defuses. The players who have bought it should stick closer to the A and B bombsites. So, in case of these players die the other CT players can pick their kits and defuse the bomb.

Having defuse kits on your team is extremely important because after a bomb is planted you only have 35 seconds. If your team has to rotate from another bombsite it would be very difficult to kill all the enemies and defuse the bomb without a kit.

Try to always think of getting equipment in the buy-rounds. That will help you a lot as a individual player, and as a team player. Remember that having a worse weapon and a kevlar is definitely better than have a AK-47 or M4 with no armor.

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