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What are CSGO Knives


If you’re a fan of CSGO, then you probably know about knives. These weapons are very important in the game, especially for close combat, and comes in different skins. Knife skins are among the most desired skins in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) game. They are rare, valuable, and a mark of prestige among gamers.

CSGO knives are unique in that they not only change the appearance of the player’s in-game knife but also provide a variety of animations and sound effects. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about CSGO knives and how to get them.

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  • May 26, 2023

What are CSGO Knives

CSGO knives are special skins that gamers can earn, buy, sell, and trade within the CSGO game. They are rare and valuable, with some knives costing thousands of dollars! When equipped, the knives replace the default player’s knife with a new one that has unique animations and sound effects. These effects vary depending on the type of knife chosen.

Different Types of CSGO Knives

There are many types of CSGO knives available in the game. Each has its with its own design, animation, and sound effects. The different types of knives include

  1. Karambit: A curved blade inspired by the claws of a tiger. It has a unique spinning animation and a slashing sound. It is one of the most expensive and sought-after knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the Karambit is a traditional weapon from Southeast Asia, used for self-defense and agriculture.
  2. Butterfly Knife: A folding knife that can be opened and closed with a flick of the wrist. It has a fast and flashy animation and a clicking sound. It is also one of the most expensive and rare knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the Butterfly Knife is a Filipino knife that was popular among street gangs and martial artists.
  3. M9 Bayonet: A large knife that can be attached to a rifle. It has a simple but elegant animation and a stabbing sound. It is one of the oldest and most classic knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the M9 Bayonet is a military knife that was designed for the M16 rifle.
  4. Talon Knife: A modern knife that resembles a hawk’s talon. It has a similar animation to the Karambit, but with a different grip and sound. It is one of the newest and most stylish knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the Talon Knife is not clear, but it may be based on some custom-made knives or fantasy designs.
  5. Flip Knife: A compact knife that can be flipped open and closed with a button. It has a smooth and swift animation and a snapping sound. It is one of the more affordable and common knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the Flip Knife is a type of pocket knife that can be easily concealed and carried.
  6. Gut Knife: A large knife with a gut hook at the tip. It has a slow and heavy animation and a slicing sound. It is one of the least popular and cheapest knives in CSG. The real-life prototype of the Gut Knife is a hunting knife that can be used to skin and gut animals.
  7. Bowie Knife: A massive knife with a clip point blade. It has a powerful and intimidating animation and a chopping sound. It is one of the newer and more expensive knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the Bowie Knife is a legendary knife that was used by the American pioneer Jim Bowie.
  8. Shadow Daggers: A pair of small knives that can be held in reverse grip. They have a fast and agile animation and a piercing sound. They are one of the more unique and rare knives in CSGO. The real-life prototype of the Shadow Daggers is not clear, but they may be based on some martial arts weapons or fantasy designs.

The price range of each knife depends on its skin, condition, rarity, and demand. Generally, the more rare and popular the knife and skin are, the more expensive they are. You can check the current prices of each knife and skin on various websites, such as CS:GO stash and CSGOSKINS.GG.

As earlier mentioned, these knives can come in different skins which change the color and pattern of the blade and handles. Some of the most popular knife skin examples that are found in CS:GO include

  • Doppler: A skin that has a gradient of colors that change depending on the angle of view. It can have different phases, such as Ruby, Sapphire, Black Pearl, and more.
  • Marble Fade: A skin that has a mix of bright colors that create a marble-like effect. It can have different patterns, such as Fire and Ice, Tiger Tooth, and more.
  • Lore: A skin that has a green and gold color scheme with intricate patterns. It is inspired by the lore of Counter-Strike and its characters.
  • Gamma Doppler: A skin that has a neon green and purple color scheme with a glowing effect. It is similar to the Doppler skin, but with different phases

How to Get CSGO Knives

There are several ways to get CSGO knives in the game. These include:

  1. Play the game – You can earn CSGO knives by playing the game and winning the loot boxes. However, this is relatively rare, as knives are among the rarest of the loot box drops.
  2. Buy from the marketplace – The simplest way to get CSGO knives is to purchase them from the marketplace using real money.
  3. Trade with other players – Players can also trade their CSGO knives with other players within the game. Trades can be conducted for other skins, in-game items, or even real money.


CSGO knives are among the rarest and most valuable skins in the CSGO game. They provide players with prestige, unique animations, and sound effects. The different types of knives offer a range of designs to suit player preferences. While earning knives through gameplay is rare, players can purchase them from the marketplace or trade with other players in the game. Understanding the different types of CSGO knives and how to acquire them can enhance the gaming experience for CSGO enthusiasts.

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