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What is CSGO Float?

What is CSGO Float?

When you consider all that goes into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), all the checks and balances within the game system, it's pretty fascinating. Especially when you dive into the details of in-game weapon skins. You might be thinking, "Skins? Aren't those just for show?" And the answer is somewhere in the middle. While skins don't affect CSGO gameplay, they're a big deal in the CSGO community. One term that often pops up when discussing skins is "float." So what is CSGO float? What does it have to do with wear? And why should you care about any of this at all? We explore all these answers and more here today.

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  • September 29, 2023
What is CSGO Float?

What Are Skin Wear Levels in CSGO?

Before we get into the real specifics of what goes into float, let’s first understand what weapon skin wear levels are all about. In CSGO, skins can come in various states of wear, and these are categorized into five levels:

  1. Factory New (FN): This is the top-notch for skin condition. Imagine a car that’s just rolled off the assembly line, with not a scratch or dent in sight. That’s what Factory New skins are like — pristine and unblemished.
  2. Minimal Wear (MW): Picture a well-maintained, slightly used car now. It’s not brand new, but it’s close. Minimal Wear skins have minor imperfections but are generally in excellent condition.
  3. Field-Tested (FT): These are your everyday, reliable skins. They’ve seen some action, maybe a few battles, but they’re still in decent shape.
  4. Well-Worn (WW): Now think of an old, reliable pair of boots. They’re not the prettiest, but they get the job done. Well-Worn skins show noticeable wear but are still functional.
  5. Battle-Scarred (BS): These skins have lived through wars and come out the other side. They’re battered, bruised, and show significant wear and tear.

The Importance of Knowing Wear Levels

Understanding these wear levels is important for several reasons:

  • Trading: Knowing the wear level can help you make informed decisions when trading skins.
  • Pricing: The wear level directly impacts the skin’s market value.
  • Personal Preference: Some players prefer the rugged look of a Battle-Scarred skin, while others want their arsenal to look brand new.

floatSo, how does all this relate to float? Let’s explore this next.

What is Float in CSGO?

Float on a CS:GO skin serves as a more granular measure of a skin’s wear. When you acquire a new skin, whether through unboxingCSGO trading, or purchasing, it’s assigned a float value between 0 and 1.

This float value then categorizes the wear condition of the skin into one of the five wear levels mentioned earlier.

Float Value Range

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of float ranges corresponding to each wear level:

  • Factory New: 0 – 0.07
  • Minimal Wear: 0.07 – 0.15
  • Field-Tested: 0.15 – 0.37
  • Well-Worn: 0.37 – 0.44
  • Battle-Scarred: 0.44 – 1

Why Float Matters

The float value isn’t just a random number. It’s a crucial piece of information for several reasons:

  • Trading: A lower float value often means the skin is in better condition, making it more valuable in trades.
  • Collectibility: Some rare skins are actually more valuable when they have higher float values because of their damage.

What Does Float Value Mean?

The float value is a matters a lot to those in the CSGO skin trading community. A skin with a lower float value is generally in better condition and, therefore, more valuable to sell.

However, there are exceptions. Some skins are paradoxically more expensive in worse conditions because they are rarer that way.

The Economics of Float

The float value can significantly impact a skin’s market value and price. For instance, a Factory New skin with a float value closer to 0 will generally be more expensive than one with a float value closer to 0.07.

This is because the former is in slightly better condition. So not all skins have the same value but having a better grasp on CS:GO skin float value can help you to understand skin quality and what that means for the overall value for skin collectors.

How to View the Float Value in CSGO

Viewing a skin’s float value is straightforward. You can find it in your CSGO inventory by clicking on the View Itembutton. Below the item description, the float value will be displayed.

Some third-party CSGO skins marketplaces, like DMarket, also feature the float value, often with a colored bar to help you quickly assess the skin’s condition.

Apart from the in-game inventory, several third-party tools and platforms allow you to check the float value of skins. Some trading platforms also offer this feature as part of their user interface.

Does Skin Float Value Degrade?

Let’s clear the air on a popular myth: your skin’s float value does not degrade over time or with use. So, you can run and gun to your heart’s content without worrying about diminishing the value of your prized skins.

There’s a misconception in the CSGO community that using a skin in gameplay will somehow degrade its float value.

This is absolutely untrue. Once a skin’s float value is set, it’s set for life. So, go ahead and show off your skins without worrying about their value diminishing.

Start Betting on CSGO Skins

If you’re into the world of CSGO skin betting, understanding float values can give you a significant edge. Knowing the exact condition of a skin can help you make more informed bets and trades.

But remember, while skins add an extra layer of fun to the game, they’re not a golden ticket to instant wealth. Always bet responsibly.

And be sure to use a site that offers provably fair games on a well-reviewed platform. CSGO casino games can span the gamut of types including coin flip, roulette, or even match betting. Rollbit is a good option for dice rolling games and other CSGO gambling games. Or, you could try out G4Skins, which offers case opening and CSGO case battles.

Whether you gamble or not, you’re bound to enjoy yourself when you take full advantage of what float means within the CSGO world.

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