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What is Float Value CSGO?

What is Float Value CSGO?

Are you wondering how the same CS:GO skin has different prices? There are many reasons for that. For instance, a unique pattern such as Blue Gem will cost a fortune. CSGO skin price is usually determined by the float value. In this piece, you will learn more about this subject.

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  • September 1, 2023
What is Float Value CSGO?


Every time a CS:GO skin is unlocked, a decimal number between 0 and 1 is assigned to the skin you opened. This number is called the float value. The number represents the skin wear levels.

For instance, more used skin comes with a higher float value. On the other hand, relatively new skin is represented with a number closer to 0. Float value is directly related to the classification Valve uses to describe CS:GO wear.

difference between low and high skin float value

It is also important to mention that there are certain skins without a float value range. At times, you will stumble upon a CS:GO skin that is only available in lower float value. Here is the math behind float ranges:

  • Factory New Float Value – 0,00 – 0,07
  • Minimal Wear Float Value – 0,07 – 0,15
  • Field-Tested Float Value – 0,15 – 0,38
  • Well-Worn Float Value – 0,38 – 0,45
  • Battle-Scarred Float Value – 0,45 – 1,00

PRO TIP: always check the float value of the skin you open. The closer the number is to 0, the higher the price you can get for your skin from CS:GO traders.


It does not get better than this. Factory new skin looks clean. There are barely any scratches to it, and overall, the weapon you are wielding is going to look beautiful.

As you can see from the skin float value, there is a low chance of pulling out a factory new skin as the highest float number assigned to this type of skin is 0,07.


More often than not, skins that come in minimal wear condition are very similar to factory new ones. Even though minimal wear skins will also pack a punch into your budget, you are still looking at a skin that almost looks like a factory new one but is somehow cheaper.


Sadly, field-tested skins are starting to show the damage. Such skins are often much cheaper once compared to factory new and field tested versions of the same skin. Skin collectors will not be interested in buying skins with this wear unless we are talking about rare skins that are high in demand.


Even though there is a big difference in float value between well-worn skins and battle-scarred ones, in our experience these versions of skins have a lot in common. Usually, the pallet of colors is much darker with plenty of damage to the skin you are fielding.


Last but not least, battle-scarred CSGO float value ranges from 0,45 – 1,00. If we do the math, then we can conclude that you have the highest chance of unboxing a battle-scarred skin.

The fact is, most gamers are avoiding this skin float as it simply can’t be compared to either factory new or minimal wear editions. However, if the budget is tight and you can’t afford lower float values, then battle-scarred skins are tailored for you as they are the cheapest.


When comparing skin float values, the lower value is always better than the higher one. The closer the float number is to zero, the cleaner and nicer the weapon skin is going to look.

Ideally, the goal is to buy or open factory new skins. However, they do come with a low float range that caps at 0,07. This is why most players will turn their focus toward minimal wear rating as it caps out at 0,15.

Bear in mind that skins with lower skin float value are easier to sell on a third-party marketplace or Steam community market.


Not everyone is good with numbers. This is why Valve decided to make things easier for everyone. Skin quality is also described in words so the players can get a general idea of what they are getting themselves into.

Instead of talking about decimal numbers, it is much easier for gamers to use terms like factory new skins, and the other site will understand that the skin actually looks brand new. The same logic applies to other skin wears groups as well.

Even though some players are still determined to use number terminology, most CS:GO traders and enthusiasts are using wear groups to describe the state of a skin float.

third party sites show both csgo wear and float value

It is important to mention that Steam Market will only provide the skin wear, without showing you the float value of the skin you are buying. This is not the case with skin trading sites as they show you both float value and skin wear.


Naturally, when the term “wear” is used, people are expecting changes during the time of use. Luckily for us, this is not the case as the skin condition will never change.

If you acquired a field-tested skin, the wear rating is not going to change no matter how much you play the game.

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There are two ways of checking skin float value in CSGO. The easiest way to inspect your own float values is to start Counter-Strike, right-click on the skin you are interested in, and press the inspect tab.

After that, click on the information button that is located at the bottom of the screen. There you will see various information including a wear rating. Keep in mind that not all skins can be inspected this way, only skins from your inventory.

inspecting wear level in the game

The other and more complicated way to inspect float values for all the skins that are accessible is by downloading a Chrome extension called CSFloat Market Checker.

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For regular and common skin, the price is determined by the skin wear. The easiest way to explain this is to provide an example. Let’s talk about AWP Hyper Beast. This skin looks fantastic when it comes in good wear. However, it can be found in all five wear levels.

comparison of skin price based on skin wear level

When buying Hyper Beast in poor condition, you are only paying slightly over $20. However, if you want to get a factory new one, you will have to splash over six times that money as the cheapest it goes for is $129.

Some players do not mind spending more money on their favorite skins. Even though good-looking skins will not make them play the game better, their inventory is going to look superb.


If you are interested in CSGO gambling with skins, then you are probably wondering how much money will a website give you for a factory new skin, and how much can you get for CS:GO skin that does not look that good.

Popular gambling platforms such as CSGORollCSGOEmpire, and CSGO500 accept skins no matter in which conditions they are.

On top of that, these operators will provide plenty of ways to have fun including Roulette, Plinko, Case Opening, CSGO match betting, Crash, or even Case Opening battles against other players.

To make things even better, these sites put in place excellent welcome bonuses for newcomers where you can get free money, matched deposit bonus, free cases, and free spins.

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