Best PUBG Gambling Sites

Want to know more about PUBG Gambling and where to play? We list the best PUBG betting sites so you don’t have to spend time looking and can spend more time playing!

In 2017, PUBG overtook the likes of Dota 2 and CS:GO as the Steam game with the most active players. This saw a huge rise in PUBG gambling sites where you can play gamble games for PUBG skins and real money!

Top Gambling Sites PUBG:

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Choosing the Best PUBG Betting Site

There are several advantages for playing at a good PUBG betting site. We’ve listed below why you should play choose the best gambling websites and give the bad ones a miss.

Betting on esports: The best skin gambling sites will also provide esports games for you to bet on. This works closely to regular sports betting but with these gambling sites tends to have more markets to make esports bets on.

Esport tournaments of CSGO, Dota 2 and League of Legends are watched and bet on all over the world! The best gambling sites will have online gambling odds for these matches and ones we recommend cover all the popular games to make esport bets on. If you’re new to esports betting, have a browse at our betting guide where you might learn and thing or two!

Bonuses & Offers: The advantage of choosing a site that offers a promo code, daily bonus or deposit bonus is that that you can play to win skins or real money, without having to gamble your own money. A lot of PUBG skin betting sites will give you some free coins for signing up and even a deposit bonus which you can claim by simply making a deposit into your account!

Active community: Lots of players means a hive of activity and this means fun games. PUBG can be a social game, if you want it to be and so can PUBG gambling sites and online casinos. Lots of sites will let you chat to the other players.

Gambling Games: What’s a betting site if they don’t have a selection of games to gamble on. PUBG skin betting has led to some fun games which wouldn’t feel out of place at an online casino! Now you can bet PUBG items on things like roulette, slots, jackpot, coinflip and more!

Coin flipping is extremely popular and is a game mode with some of the highest winning odds. Video gaming isn’t leaving us anytime soon and neither are casino games. Players can find a bunch of video game inspired casino games where you can play for VGO skins, PUBG items or real money.

What is PUBG?

Created in 2017, PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a battle-royale inspired PC game which revolutionised the genre as we know it. Using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, PUBG airdrops up to 100 players into a map of chaos and unprecedented fun! Descending madness on a 8km x 8km map, you’ll have to grab whatever is in the proximity, frying pans included, to survive what ensues.

As you progress through the game, it’s a dog-eat-dog world where the rules are: Kill or be killed. This is often easier than said, especially when you have squads that feel like entire armies hunting your head. On top of that, there’s a blue electricity feel which shrinks the map, making the zone outside of the circle deal ticking damage to players.

A winner is declared when either one player or squad is left standing. A prompt and satisfactory message of “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” is shown on the screen and if this has ever happened to you before, you’ll know how hard you first worked for that! Players who win are rewarded with PUBG skins to use in game, sell on the Steam Marketplace or can be gambled at several PUBG gambling sites.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can watch live PUBG matches, you’ll find plenty of streamers on playing the game round the clock.

How do PUBG Skins work?

After each game you play, you’ll be awarded BP (Battle Points) which can in turn be used to buy crates. The chance of getting a weapon skin crate is significantly lower than a clothing skin crate, which makes it more difficult to farm a specific skin for your favourite weapon. This is why PUBG gambling sites are so popular, as they let you bet skins you own for the skins or real money for the ones you want!

Players can purchase skin crates or the skins they want on the Steam Marketplace. Equipping skins has no in-game benefits to your character and are purely cosmetic. We all love the thought of getting a legendary skin and you can imagine opening a crate, getting the wrong one. Fear not! PUBG gambling sites will let you deposit that skin for coins, which you can then use to bet against other players for their skins or play real money games to win more skins and prizes.