Best PUBG Coinflip Sites

We all know that PUBG Coinflip is one of the most fun gambling games out there. This why more and more coinflip PUBG sites are popping up all the time and choosing the Best PUBG Coinflip site can feel like a difficult and daunting task.

We’ve gone ahead and brought the top-rated PUBG coin flip sites to you, so you can simply choose the one you like and begin playing your favourite PUBG gambling game in no time at all! Check out our list of sites below.

Top PUBG Coin Flip Sites

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What is Coinflip PUBG Betting?

For as long as we’ve used coins as currency, coin flipping has been a thing. Over the years, many problems have been resolved by flipping a coin, whether it’s two people deciding which should carry out a task, passing the time or coin flip gambling.

Fast-forward to present day and many PUBG betting sites offer their players the game of PUBG coin flip. Just like CSGO coin flipping, PUBG coinflip lets you gamble skins to win new skins or real money.

How to Play

Getting started at a PUBG gambling site is very easy and the first thing you need to do is pick a site! As soon as you’ve decided which gambling website that offers coin flip PUBG you want to join, you’ll need to create an account. Most sites allow you to sign up by using your Steam login. If we offer any promo codes for the site you’ve picked, now would be the best time to enter the code and you can begin playing with some free coins without having to make a prior deposit.

Select the coin flip game from the website’s navigation menu and the game will load up. You can then add the PUBG skins you wish to gamble from your Steam inventory. Some sites allow VGO gambling, which is can be a safer option. Once you and the player you’re against has locked in the skins they wish to bet on PUBG coin flip, the gambling website will toss the coin and the winner is decided. Coinflip PUBG is great for skins upgrades and you could walk away with much higher value items after the first round!

PUBG Skins vs. VGO Skins

PUBG gambling sites will often accept both PUBG Skins and VGO Skins. Since Valve Corporation’s recent clampdown on skin gambling, lots of players are now choosing the block-chain based items instead of gambling their own real skins. VGO gambling is a more secure way of betting online but if you’re purely looking for skins upgrades, it might be worth playing with real skins.