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DaddySkins Review 2021

DaddySkins offers a case opening site for CSGO players, and recently they have added an arena section to their site, allowing users to open cases together and then battle it out against each other to see who takes the items with them.

With a few other nice touches on the site, here we take a look at what new users who join DaddySkins can expect to find, and anything else to look out for on here.

Site Design & Layout

Some sites that offer either case opening or gambling for CSGO can often look a little confusing for new players, with so much going off on every page including the home page. However, we don’t get that feel here from DaddySkins, which is really good to see. Yes, there is still a lot going off on the site, but it all seems a little more controlled and manageable.

Down the left-hand side, you will see a menu that takes you where you need to be, you can upgrade items here, head to the arena for a battle, view the available cases or head to the giveaways section.

Like most sites, a dark skin has been used here, and this is a positive, as it allows the brighter colours of games, items and cases to stand out a bit more.

At the top of the page you will see a stream of CSGO items moving across the page, these are the most recent items that have been opened or won on the site, so keep your eyes open here for some cool and rare items!

Free Coins & Bonuses

As a new player, you are going to get a reward from DaddySkins and really this is just a thank you for joining the site, and a way to get you underway as a player. However, after that, the fun is certainly not over here, and for the best deals, you want to be heading to the giveaways page, available from the menu on the left.

Inside, you will find a range of great items that are being given away. To join in and try your luck, choose which giveaway appeals to you, deposit the required amount and then join in the fun.

Look out for the bonanza program too, which is highlighted by boxes that have a banana at the side of them. Opening these could result in further rewards for you, with growing jackpots and three levels to aim for.

Game Selection

DaddySkins have added a section of the site that they have called the Arena. This is where case opening battles take place, and they offer you the chance to play a game and potentially win the contents of a case.

Elsewhere look for the upgrade game where you can upgrade the items you have, and of course, the main part of this site is all about buying and opening cases.

Provably Fair

The DaddySkins website is provably fair, and that is incredibly important for players to find, and understand what it means. The provably fair system ensures that everything on a website that is random is fair.

Whether this is the winner of battles, the cases you open or something else, by having the provably fair system on the site, you know you are safe here, and the draws made will be fair ones. If you ever want to check a result, you can thanks to this system, just head to the third-party site used and enter your game ID.

Payments & Withdrawals

DaddySkins offer a wide range of payment options for players. If you want to send skins and items across then link your Steam account and send over your items from CSGO. Elsewhere, they accept credit and debit card payments, G2A Pay, PayOP and others.

This includes cryptocurrency, if you want to bet using Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum then you can do so here.


There is a lot to like about DaddySkins, they offer a strong service that includes the ability to buy cases, open them, battle for them and upgrade if you wish.

The website is busy, but far easier to understand than some, mainly thanks to the simple menu down the left of the page that gives access to any part of the site.

With some giveaways and great bonuses, the provably fair system in place and an arena where you can battle for cases with others, there is a lot to like about what DaddySkins has created