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Lootie – The Rise of Mystery Boxes

There’s a new craze in the gamer world – the latest mystery boxes brought to us by Lootie. Case opening is a trend that is storming through the e-commerce industry and changing life as we know it. On this Lootie page, we’ll look at exactly what it is and why it’s causing such a stir.

Life on the Internet

Life is different these days. No longer do people go out to shopping malls and department stores. More popular now is are customers opening up their Apple Mac and browsing the online retail world. It’s much easier than driving out to your local shopping mall, finding a place to park, negotiating the crowds of people that may – or may not be wearing masks. Buying and getting goods online is so much more convenient. We simply google what we want and buy it – delivered straight to our door. Lootie boxes take this idea and offer us goodies that we didn’t even know – by offering mystery boxes filled with all sorts of gaming surprises.

Getting a Free Mystery Box

The advent of mystery box online sites is a game-changer – literally. And it’s Lootie that is leading the way. You wait for your mystery box and you never know what to expect… it’s just like Christmas! You can order a crate or box by a top brand or certain classification, but what exactly is in the box will remain unknown until you open it. Hence the name mystery box.

Lootie Mystery Boxes

Lootie stands out amongst the Mystery Box sites because it allows you to win genuine products from the world’s top brands. Here, we will look at everything you need to know about Lootie, Lootie crates, how to install and transportation choices – as well as available motion codes for free mystery boxes.

Is Lootie Legit?

It’s appealing to think that you can win excellent prizes for minimal costs – but that’s what is on offer here. That’s what offers – and more!

This site is well known now in the gaming industry all around the world – especially in the US as you can get excellent products from bona fide brands delivered right to your front door. But is it too good to be true? Well, the site claims to be 100% legit. You get genuine prizes whenever you want, no matter where you are in the world – which seems just a little bit too good to be true.

What is Lootie?

What is the website that makes such promises? Well, Lootie is a website that gives players that chance to win top brand prizes. It has a range of different secret boxes from household names such as Gucci, Nike, Apple and more – and it’s not all about what you can purchase – it also allows you to sell things you no longer want.

Lootie accepts several different payment methods – not just real money payments like Visa and MasterCard, but also digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. You can also get a bonus code or promo code if you refer a friend.

You can also create a secret box at In it, you can put all sorts and customise your own mystery box – and get a 3% commission every time someone opens it.

How it Works

How it works is simple – you open your chosen box and a spinner randomly chooses what goodies you get. If you win, then these prizes will be added into your account. In any one round, players can open up to three mystery boxes.

Lootie also gives you the chance to choose – which means that if you don’t like the prizes or goodies that you win, then you can sell them. This is the only site that offers this option. You can also request that whatever you do win if you do want it, is delivered straight to your front door.

Lootie – Important Information

  • Lootie offers players mystery boxes of top well-known brands
  • The website address is:
  • You can contact the Twitter account at @LootieCom
  • There is a customer support contact number: +4774615040
  • You can also contact support via email at [email protected]
  • You can affect returns within 5 days of receiving your prizes
  • The site accepts payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, GooglePay, PayPal, cryptocurrencies and more

The Benefits of Lootie

It goes without saying that there are plenty of benefits of opening a Lootie mystery box!

  1. The variety of goods and prizes available
  2. There is a high customer satisfaction rate.
  3. Many of the gifts are marked down by around 85% RRP
  4. This is a well-known site, with a great media presence and a good reputation.
  5. Shipping normally takes around three days.

Disadvantages of Lootie

The only disadvantage that we could think of was that in some cases, you may not want what you get in your mystery box! We can’t guarantee you will be happy with your price – but if you aren’t, you can sell it!


Lootie is a great site that allows players to get hold of great prizes without having to cough up too much money. The items are completely genuine and you can be in receipt of your prizes in just three days!


Can I Choose the Size of Clothes or Shoes in Lootie Boxes?

Yes, you can make sure that you enter details of your clothes or shoe size before purchasing your box.

Can I Trade What I Win?

Indeed. If you don’t like what you win then you can trade it for extra money

How Do I Get a Lootie Mystery Box?

Simply enter the site, open an account and purchase a mystery box. You will then simply pay for your box and shipping if you like what is in your box. If not, you can trade.

Can I Get a Lootie Gift Card?

There are ways to get hold of free mystery boxes, either by getting a free boxes discount or referral code. You can also give friends and family a Lootie gift card so they can start enjoying the fun themselves!