Best CSGO Roulette Sites for 2023

One of the most enjoyable of all CSGO games is CSGO roulette, which is the perfect combination for players who enjoy casino games and playing CSGO! Here, we will take a look at everything you need to know about CSGO roulette – the best CSGO roulette sites, how it is played – and claiming promo codes and bonus codes to start playing

If you are familiar with the world of online casinos and gambling – and even if you aren’t, no doubt you will be reasonably familiar with roulette. If you want to put your knowledge to the test and in CSGO skins at the same time, then this could be right up your street.

Top CSGO Roulette Sites

We take a look at our favourite CSGO Roulette Sites below:


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The Best CSGO Roulette Sites for 2022

These are our top three CSGO gambling sites for CSGO Roulette:


This CSGO online casino is famous for its CSGO roulette wheel! This is one of the most popular CSGO gambling sites in the world, perfect for roulette lovers. This game offers players the chance to win a bonus jackpot – which can be as much as 10,000 coins which will pay out to participating players if the roulette wheel lands on green three consecutive times.

In addition to roulette, they also have an excellent selection of other casino games such as Case Battles and Plinko. They also offer case opening as well.


One of the newer CSGO roulette sites is CSGOLuck, although it has been around for a couple of years now. A lot of time and money has gone into the creation of the site and it looks professional and clean. Similarly to CSGO Roll, it also operates the jackpot system of coins that pays out if the slider lands on green three times in a row.

As well as playing roulette, you can enjoy lots of other activities as well – enjoying playing on CSGO coinflip sites, CSGO crash, mines and case battles. For this reason, they are deemed as one of the very best. A new player registering can claim up to 5 free cases when they use our CSGOLuck promo codes.


This is one of the best CS:GO roulette sites for many reasons. It is one of the oldest and more well-established – one of the first to offer roulette.

Another reason they are popular is because of the variety of withdrawal options they have available – not just CSGO skins but also real money withdrawals and even cryptocurrency withdrawals. When you sign up to the popular roulette website, make sure you use our CSGOEmpire referral code to claim your welcome bonus.

What Makes the Best CS:GO Roulette Sites Good?

Here are some of the main factors we look for when looking at how good a CSGO Roulette website is:

Free Coins/Welcome Bonus Code

Everyone loves a good bonus in return for signing up for a new account. A good welcome bonus increases your initial betting balance which allows you to get off to the best start at the website.

Roulette Game Features

If you gamble on CSGO roulette for a period of time, it might start to get a little repetitive, especially if there aren’t any additional features to make it more interesting. So, we look for things such as a roulette jackpot, different roulette wheel options, X Roulette and more to spice it up.

A Good Skins Market

There’s no point trying to upgrade your skins on a betting site if there aren’t any decent skins on the market to withdraw. You need to check out the selection of skins before putting any money into the site.

Provably Fair System

Last – but by no means least, the site needs to have a provably fair system. Each game on the site will have a house edge. You need to be sure that this is true and transparent before playing. You should be able to check out the house edge of every game you play and check the result with the hash system.

About CSGO Roulette

CSGO Roulette is slightly different from the traditional casino roulette game. Although it is heavily based around the game, it is a lot simpler and takes the very easiest aspects of the game, meaning even those unfamiliar with the game can get playing in no time.

One of the biggest differences it has from roulette at a traditional gambling site is that there are just 3 betting options – red, black or green. The red and the black pay out the same, but the green is a higher risk, higher reward wager:

  • Red or Black bets pay out 2x your wager
  • Green bets usually pay out at 14x your bet

This practically eliminates most standard roulette bets – and leaves you with just the red/black bet (although colours may vary depending on the site!)

Unlike traditional roulette, you will also be playing with other players. When you play, many sites allow you to see what other players are betting – and you can use this information as you want in terms of working out a strategy. Another big difference is the inclusion of a bonus pot. Sometimes, a percentage of the bets will be placed into a pot that is paid out on a specific event… such as three consecutive greens etc. This is another way to win coins!

How to Play CSGO Roulette

The good news if you’re new is that playing CSGO Roulette is really very easy. There’s no worrying about different bet types, you simply make the standard roulette bet and choose whether you think the slider (ball) will land on black, red or green.

Obviously, if you are looking to take less of a risk, you will stick to a red or black bet. If you want higher risk and better returns, you will bet on green. If the slider lands on the colour of the players’ bet, they win!

Because the popularity of Counter-Strike: Global Offence continues to rise, more players than ever are looking to get their hands on valuable skins. This has meant a very lucrative skins betting market – in which players can deposit either old skins or real money in return for coins, which they can then use to gamble and get hold of even better skins.

What’s more, CSGO roulette is an excellent game for new players – and is even easier than playing roulette at an online casino. There are far fewer betting options.

Roulette Strategies To Use on CS:GO Roulette Sites

If you are looking for a roulette strategy, then here are some of the most popular that are used:

Martingale Strategy

One of the most popular strategies employed when playing roulette is Martingale. This is a very simple strategy and is based on maths:

For this roulette strategy, you place a small bet on either red or black. If you lose the bet, then you double your wager and bet on the same colour. You keep on doubling your wager until you get a winning bet. As soon as you win, you drop your bet down to the original stake again.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

This is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. Instead of doubling your bet when you lose, you double your bet when you win. The reason this is more popular with people with lower bankrolls is because it isn’t quite as devastating to your bankroll if you go through an unlucky patch. Your bankroll will take longer to deplete than with the standard Martingale strategy.

Different Types of CS:GO Roulette Promo Codes

On practically every CSGO Roulette site you come across, you will get a free code that will award you free money or coins to start your journey on the site. This is perfect for a player who wants to try it out before parting with their own money and skins. There will be numerous types of bonus codes available, depending on the site: Affiliate codes, free coins codes, referral codes, promotional codes etc. You will then be able to use the free giveaways on games such as:

  • Classic Slider Roulette
  • 50x Wheel Roulette
  • X Roulette

and other roulette wheel options.

As a new roulette player, you will be able to claim a free bonus of 5% extra on all of your deposits – as long as you enter your welcome CSGORoll promo codes.

How to Claim Free Coins on CSGO Roulette Sites?

Pretty much all CSGO roulette sites will offer players the chance to grab some free coins when they startup. In order to use your code and collect your free coins to play the games, you need to follow the instructions down to the T.

You need to click on the promo code, free code or free coins code that you have found. You will then need to head over to create a new account and enter the code exactly as it is when registering. The routine may vary from site to site, so check each individually.

Why Play at CS:GO Roulette Sites?

Although there are lots of CSGO gambling sites, there aren’t that many that offer CSGO roulette. Many CSGO sites are generally just case opening sites. The very best ones don’t just offer roulette games, they also offer a wide range of different CSGO games. As well as CSGO roulette, as well as being a top CSGO crash site, among others.

We also look at the variety of game modes available for roulette. Some of the best roulette sites offer much more than the standard CSGO slider game. A good and legit CSGO roulette site will allow you to win money, get better skins, win coins – and simply increase your economy and have fun at the same time.

The Advantages of Using CSGO Roulette Sites?

There are lots of advantages to playing at a roulette site – apart from just the fun. The best ones will make sure they are convenient, which means allowing you a variety of different deposit options if you don’t want to deposit and bet any of your skins. They also offer quick and painless withdrawals.

They will also offer lots of fun games aside from roulette to enjoy – often by using free coins, without having to part with any of your hard-earned money or skins!

Classic roulette sites have been around for quite some time – and even in 2022, they are still going strong. So, simply pick one of our favourite roulettes sites, claim your bonus, get your strategy and start playing



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