Best CSGO Roulette Sites

If it’s CSGO roulette sites you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. CSGOBook is already known to be among the best CS:GO roulette sites, and we explain how to play and claim promo codes and bonuses!

If you’ve ever been to a gambling site or a casino, the likelihood is you’ll have seen a roulette wheel. Now thanks to an increase in the popularity of esports, CS:GO roulette is now a real thing and becoming a popular way to bet and win skins.

Top CS:GO Roulette Sites 2022

CSGORoll Review CSGORoll Review
5 / 5

3 Free Cases

CSGO Luck Review CSGO Luck Review
4.6 / 5

5 FREE Cases

CSGO Empire Logo CSGO Empire Logo
4.5 / 5

Free Welcome Case

csgo500 review csgo500 review
4.5 / 5

$1500 Bonus + 50 Free Spins

RooBet RooBet
4.4 / 5

Free Coins Daily

CSGOPolygon CSGOPolygon
4.3 / 5

Free Coins

4.2 / 5

+5% to First Deposit

Gamdom Logo Gamdom Logo
4.1 / 5

Free Coins

Rollbit Review Rollbit Review
3.9 / 5

0.5 Coins Free

WTF Skins Logo WTF Skins Logo
3.6 / 5

$0.40 in Free Gems

Duel Bits Logo Duel Bits Logo
3.3 / 5

Free Coins

What is CSGO Roulette

CSGO Roulette varies slightly from the original Roulette games that you see at mainstream gambling sites. While its clearly taken its influences from casino games of the same way its actually a lot more basic meaning even newbies can pick it up.

One of the main stand out changes you’ll find from playing at CSGO roulette sites is their roulette game only has 3 options to bet on black, red and green. Each of these outcomes pays out differently:

Red/Black – Will pay out 2 x your original bet.

Green – Green pay will pay out at 14 x your original bet amount.

As you can see this is massively watered down from a traditional roulette site which have numbers, colours, odds/evens etc.

Unlike standard roulette games you’ll be playing with other players as well, each of the roulette sites you play at will show all the other players bets meaning you can use them to advise your own betting strategy, whether thats using the martingale strategy or another one you’ve seen.

Finally another stand out difference we’ve seen on sites is the use of a bonus pot. Here each round a % of wagers will be added to the pot which will be paid out on a specific event, such as 3 greens in a row. This is a great way for players to win coins.

How to Play CS:Go Roulette

Playing roulette at any of the Best CS:GO roulette outfits we’ve got listed here couldn’t be any easier. Players bet on one of three outcomes which is similar to a very watered down game of classic roulette.

Either make a standard roulette bet of red/black/green and wait till the roulette wheel starts spinning. The roulette wheel will finish on one of the options and the winning bet will show up.

With the increasing popularity of Counter Strike Global Offensive increasing and players having an increasing amount of valuable skins, this has created a betting market where players can deposit real money and try to win coins to purchase more expensive and new skins.

Also, CS:GO roulette is much more newbie friendly than the roulette game that you see at your standard online casino. This is due to the reduced amount of betting options making it more straight forward for anyone who’s new to an online casino.

Top 3 CSGO Roulette Sites for 2022

Here are our top 3 CSGO gambling sites where we like to play roulette at:

CSGORoll – famous for CS:GO Roulette

CSGORoll are one of the worlds most popular CSGO gambling sites for playing roulette at. One of the two CS:GO Roulette sites on our list that have a bonus jackpot which can sometimes hit up to 10,000 free coins for you to win should you bet on green when it hits it 3 x in a row.

This is just one of the reasons why we enjoy playing CSGO Roulette at CSGORoll, They’ve also got a great selection of other casino games for you to get involved with like Plinko, Case Battles, CSGO Case opening and so on.

New players signing up will be able to get a free bonus + a 5% extra on all of their deposits to claim this make sure you use one of our CSGORoll Promo codes.

CSGOLuck – New CS:GO Roulette Site

CSGOLuck are a relative newcomer on the scene having been around for nearly a year now they’ve heavily invested in their site and certainly have a professional looking CS:GO roulette site. Similar to Roll, Luck have their own jackpot feature which gets paid out on when players hit 3 greens in a row.

They dont just offer roulette games either, players will be able to play on CSGO Crash, CSGO Coinflip, Case Opening, Mines and Case Battles which is one of the reasons why they’re rated as the Best CS:GO roulette sites around. New players signing up will be able to get 5 free cases by using our CSGOLuck Promo code.

CSGOEmpire – Oldest CS:GO Roulette Game

CSGOEmpire is probably the first CSGO Gambling outfit to ever exist, capitalising on the game they released a roulette website which only had this game to play.

They’re one of the most popular CSGO sites around due to allowing players to have multiple withdrawal options either CSGO Skins or Crypto Currency which is why its one of the best sites around. New. players who sign up can get free coins to get started with by using our CSGOEmpire Referral Code.

Roulette Strategy that can be used on CS:GO Roulette sites

When playing roulette there are a few strategies that can be implemented in your playing style, which are:

Martingale Strategy

The martingale strategy is one of the most popular roulette strategies known to man, its pretty simple to understand which is why its used across roulettes sites across the internet. In order to implement the Martingale Roulette

Strategy you need to place a first bet on either black or red, should that bet fail you then double your wager on the previous bet and keep doing this until you make a winning bet. Once you’ve won then you drop down to your first bet again.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

Differs slightly to the original strategy, instead of doubling your bet whenever there is a loss you would half the bet on a loss and double your base bet when you place a winning bet.

The main critique of either of the Martingale strategies you see here is should there be a losing streak it can be pretty devastating on your own money whether you’re using a free coins balance to gamble or not.

What Makes the Best CS:GO Roulette Sites

Here are some of the factors we think make up the Best CS GO roulettes sites:

Great Skins Market – First thing you will want to check out is what CSGO skins are available to withdraw. With most of the sites on here only processing CSGO Skins its important that there is a good enough selection available for when you withdraw.

Free Coins & Welcome Bonus – We all love signing up to websites which have a bonus for us to claim when gambling. These help increase our betting balance and allow us to place bigger bets more often as we will have more coins to spend.

Extra Roulette Game Features – When gambling on roulette it can get a little boring after a while especially if there are no extra features to make betting more interesting. We like websites that have things like a jackpot feature, x roulette, wheel options and various other betting features to really spice up your roulette gambling

Provably Fair System – Each of the games built onto these websites will have their own house edge built into the game, in order to check these sites are reliable and fair you will want to check out the code on their provably fair tabs which will actually show you the exact house edge for roulette and any other games they have available.