Best Rust Gambling Sites for 2022

If you are interested in the best rust gambling sites for 2022, then not only is it important to understand how gambling on Rust works, but it is also important to know which are the best rust gambling sites – that not only offer plenty of rust betting options and games but also offer promotions such as free coins, free case offers – and any offer that gives you even more value when you make that first small original bet amount!

Rust gambling is a form of gambling that involves betting with Rust skins (which are essentially computerized camos) instead of (or as well as) with real money. You also win rust skins that will be transferred directly into your Steam inventory. This is growing increasingly popular for players who want to get their hands on more valuable skins and don’t want to pay full price for them at the Steam Market

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The Popularity of Rust

So, how popular is Rust and does it attract Rust gamblers in the same way as CSGO? Well, critics would argue that Rust isn’t as big of a hit as some would have people believe, given the fact that since it was first introduced, Rust has lost over $4 million due to Steam refunds, with the most popular reason for players requesting a refund because the game ‘is not fun’. This is simply down to the fact that for some, it does not meet their expectations and they want their money back. Perhaps this is because it is a little harder to play than people may expect and that the mechanics aren’t so easy to assimilate.

However, when you put this figure into context, the refunds only account for around 6% of the number of games sold – and this is very much on par with other game developers. In total, Rust has sold over 5.5 million copies around the world, which is a big deal. With more people trying the game and joining the Rust community, the popularity of in-game purchases is also growing – including skins. This accounts for the rise in popularity of Rust gambling – where players are trying to get better and more valuable Rust skins and items by betting on rust games and playing casino games. This has seen a rise in Rust gambling sites – and a growth in people signing up and looking to hit a long streak of Rust wins!.

The Best Rust Sites for Gambling 2022

If you’re looking to get a great first deposit bonus and an excellent winning chance, here are our preferred Rust gambling sites

Best Rust Gambling Sites

  • Gambling Site Welcome Bonus
  1. CSGOEmpire Get $0.5 for free
  2. Gamdom A Free Chest of Gems worth up to $50
  3. CSGORoll 3 Free Spins Up to $1,000
  4. Datdrop +5% of your first deposit for Free
  5. CSGO 500 100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins
  6. RustReaper $0.50 in free coins
  7. RustChance $0.50 in free coins

When we compile our list of best Rust gambling sites, our main objective is simply to make sure that you enjoy a safe and fun Rust gambling experience. It is because of this that we always ensure we keep our list updated with the best new Rust betting sites available. If you do opt to go with other websites, then research their Trade URL first to make sure that they aren’t scam sites.

If you have a particular game mode that you like to play, then check out our guide to Rust betting casino games.

How We Choose the Best Rust Gambling Sites

It is important to use that we only ever recommend the best online rust gambling sites, which is why we make sure that we look at every single area of the website before recommending it to players. Here are the main factors we take into consideration when recommending a Rust gamble site:

  1. Researching reviews from users that have used the website consistently for quite some time and have a good understanding of how the website works.
  2. Looking into the experience, history and overall reputation of the Rust gamble site.
  3. Trying out the website ourselves so that we know how it works and how well it works – getting a taste of the real user experience.

Play Roulette for Rust Skins

One of the most popular games available at top rust gambling sites is Roulette, which works in pretty much the same way as standard online casino roulette, where you place a small bet and try to pick the same color as the computer picks randomly. If you get the right color, you win your bet, if you pick the incorrect color, you lose.

Rust roulette at different gambling sites has several different varieties. as such, it’s a good idea to know about the particular game you are playing before placing a larger bet. Some Rust gambling sites allow you to have a go for free, but otherwise, you could use the free coins you receive in sign up to try out the site’s particular roulette casino games, so you can try out strategies – and avoid any unlucky roulette pattern before you bet big.

Once you know what you are doing, simply place the bet (which could be either real money or Rust skins) on your chosen color and wait for the result to come in. Generally, you will get paid out at evens, which means doubling your money.


Another popular game – that isn’t as well known as a casino game, is Crash. This involves a player betting on a graph and cashing out before the graph crashes. The multiplier goes up and up…. and you have to see how long you can hold your nerve. The higher the graph goes, the bigger the multiplier and the more you will win – but the more chance you have of crashing. If the graph crashes before you cash out, then you will lose your wager.


This is a Rust game available on a number of Rust websites that you can play against other players. This is a 50/50 game of chance – as you simply bet on the toss of a coin. You and the other player create your own wager – you make a bet of a similar value – and you both bet on the opposite sides of a coin. Whoever wins the coinflip wins the total pot – the other player’s wager plus they get to keep their own!

Other popular Rust games include blackjack, jackpot, slots and more. The best Rust gambling sites will offer a wide variety of games to give you a more varied gambling experience.

Common Rust Gambling Strategies

Although games are generally all a matter of luck, many people employ banking strategies, which will theoretically give them more of a chance of coming out in profit – or at least not losing money, which are more effective on 50/50 outcomes such as roulette. Here are the most popular Rust gambling banking strategies:

The Martingale

Here you place a small bet on the outcome of a 50/50 result, (which doubles your money if won). Should you lose, then you double the previous bet and place it on the same outcome. This continues until you eventually win. This win should at least get you back to your opening bankroll and then you go back to your original bet amount

The downside to this is that if you go through a long streak of choosing the wrong result then you may lose all your money before you get that winning return. So, we would only recommend making a very small wager first of all if you happen to be very unlucky in that game.

The Reverse Martingale

This is very similar to the Martingale, but instead of doubling your bet if you lose you do the opposite – you double the original bet on a 50/50 outcome if you win the wager. You keep doubling the bet after each win until you either cut and run or you lose… and in this case, you would return to your original bet.

This strategy means that you only risk the original small bet and anything you then win afterwards. However, making a profit from this does depend on guessing the outcome correctly several times in a row. If you don’t manage this then your balance will drop.

Rust Gambling FAQs

Is RustBet Safe?

Every single online game site for Rust that we recommend is an example of a safe, high-quality betting site. RustBet has been added to our list of recommended Rust casinos, and as such we can confirm that this is a safe and trustworthy Rust betting site. If you wish to sign up, then be sure to enter your promo code to claim your free money.

Which Rust Online Gamble Site is Best?

This depends on what you are looking for. Evey Rust site we recommend on our best Rust betting site list is good and worth looking at. Which one is the best is a matter of taste and you can try out different ones to see which you prefer.

What Can You Gamble On Rust?

Most Rust betting sites accept skins and real money payments. They will then give you site currency based on the total value of your deposit, which you can then use to play the games.