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At SkinRave, we pride ourselves on offering a fair and exhilarating gaming experience with one of the industry’s best house edges. We ensure that every game you play is governed by chance and chance alone, reaffirming our commitment to fairness and integrity.


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Game Verifications

Roulette Verification:

To ensure the fairness of each roulette round, players can check their bet history for the Serial ID and verify it directly on our site.

Jackpot Verification:

Jackpot results are determined by a trusted third-party service, To verify:

  1. Calculate the number of tickets by multiplying the total pot amount in gems by 100.
  2. Visit the verification page, and input the winning percent (a float number between 0 and 1).
  3. Multiply the winning number by the total number of tickets and round off to find the winning ticket.
  4. Compare the winning ticket number to the winner’s ticket range in your bet history.
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  • Case battles Serial Verifier:

To prevent selection bias, we provide a full database of outcomes along with their serial numbers, proving that results are not manually selected or altered.

Dice Game Verification:

Players can verify dice game results independently by replicating the outcome using the provided code. Change your client seed to generate a new server seed if necessary, ensuring the integrity of each roll.

Coinflip Verification:

Our coinflip games use a provably fair system. The results for each round are generated using the SHA-256 hash of three separate inputs, ensuring each game’s outcome is genuinely random and transparent.

Case Opening Verification:

Cases are opened using a random number generator influenced by server time and EOS head block number as seeds. Each item has a designated number range, with 1% represented by 100 tickets.

House Edge Details

  • Roulette: 2% House Edge
  • Jackpot: 1% House Edge
  • Dice: 4% House Edge
  • Coinflip: 1% House Edge
  • Cases: 5% House Edge

SkinRave offers a transparent, fun, and fair gaming environment where luck is your only opponent. Join us, play with confidence, and turn your gaming skills into valuable CS:GO skins.


SkinRave provides a transparent and fair gaming environment tailored for CS:GO enthusiasts, featuring competitive house edges and robust game verification systems. Players can engage in various games like roulette, jackpot, dice, and coinflip, ensuring fairness through independent verification methods and third-party services like The platform also offers enticing bonuses and promotions with enhance players’ opportunities to acquire premium skins and enrich their gaming experience.

  • General information

    • Website:
    • E-mail:
    • Languages: English, German, Russian
    • Launched: 2023
    • Withdrawals: CS2 Skins, Cryptocurrency
    • Support: 24/7
    • Licenses: Cyprus Company
  • Main features

    • Cash Deposits: check
    • E-Sports Betting: check
    • Match Betting: cancel
    • Slots: check
    • Crypto: check
    • VIP Program: check
    • Referral Program: check
    • Gamification: check
    • Provably Fair Games: check
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