Best CSGO Trading Sites for 2023

One of the best ways to get your favourite CSGO skins is by using CSGO skin trading sites. These are online marketplaces which have some of the rarest skins available, for cheaper than the Steam Marketplace. To find out which are the best trade sites for trading CSGO skins, check out our list below:

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How Do I Trade CSGO Skins?

Trading skins is one of then contributing reasons to the success of Valve’s CS:GO, which released back in 2012. Although trading CSGO skins looks quite different to how it did when the game was released, we now have CSGO trading websites which you can use to trade CSGO skins you don’t want for better skins or real money.

Below you’ll find instructions of how to trade CSGO skins at a trading site:

  1. Sign up to any of the trading websites we’ve listed above, as they’re all trustworthy.
  2. You’ll need your Steam Trade URL to enter it in the website, along with your API Key.
  3. Head over to the market deposit page and view the skins you want you trade for better skins.
  4. Click deposit. You’ll receive a trade offer via Steam from a Trade bot.
  5. Make sure the information of the Trade bot matches the information on the site.
  6. Accept trade offer from the CSGO trading site.
  7. Your skin trade is now completed. Close the window and head back to the website where you’ll find the money for the skin available in your balance.

What are CSGO Skins?

In CSGO, skins are a graphic that appears over your weapon, making it visually customisable in many different ways. There are currently more than 30,000 different types of CS:GO skins represented by dozens of different patterns or even unique overlays, depending on the weapon and skin.

Why Are Some CS:GO Skins Worth More?

As there are so many CSGO skins in the game, not all are easy to obtain. CS:GO has many ingame events and some of these are only once a year. For example, the coveted AWP Dragon Lore can only be pulled from Cobblestone Cases which are only available at certain times. The skin itself has a 0.0004% drop chance from these cases, that’s 1 in 250,000!

The skins in CS:GO use a wear system or a “float” system that depicts the quality of each skin.The skin wear types are as follows:

Factory New

Minimal Wear




This might seem complicated at first but each skin has a float value of between 0 and 1. Factory new skins are generally the most valuable and their float value is 0-0.1. This means if you have a skin with a float of 0.001, this is a very good condition of the item and if it’s rare, could be worth a lot of money.

How To Get CS:GO Skins To Trade

Skins in CS:GO can be found in cases which are obtained after a match is over. You must then purchase a key to open the case. If you’re lucky, you might unbox a knife or gloves – both of these items are usually worth a good amount of money at trading sites.

Alternatively, you can buy skins on the marketplace. One benefit to this is that you’ll safely receive the skin into your CSGO inventory immediately. It’s worth mentioning that skins on the Steam market are usually more expensive than those you can find at trusted CSGO trading sites.

What is a Steam Trade Hold?

Items traded outside of the marketplace by players are subject to a trade hold. Often referred to as ‘escrow’ this is a manual action on all trades that Valve Corporation added to slow down the sale of skins at trading sites to hopefully decrease the value. Unfortunately for Valve and the players, the opposite happened and because of the high demand of skins and increased wait times, this drove the value of CSGO skins to new heights, some of which became thousands of dollars more expensive.

How Long is the Trade Hold?

Fortunately the trade hold only lasts on items for 8 days. As soon as you’ve received the item you’ll be able to trade the skin once the 8 days are over. This is a slight inconvenience if you’d like to sell the skin at CSGO trading websites but your skins are safely sat in your Steam account and you can use them ingame whilst you wait for them to be available to trade.



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